Best blonde ombre hair styles

50+ Ways To Wear Blonde Ombre Hair

Blonde ombre hair must be the most timeless and versatile hairstyle ever. It is so easy to style and it goes perfectly with any outfit. Ombre hair knows its way to enhance the beauty of each skin tone, if the lady chooses the right shade. This post will help you find out the best blonde tone that compliments you the most. And of course, some extra tips that you can benefit from when it comes to taking care of blonde hair. Check out these 50+ ways to wear blonde ombre hair and how it works on each lady.

Brown to blonde ombre

Brown to blonde is the most flattering combination and we always recommend it when a lady wants a good change of appearance. Brown is a universally gorgeous color and any skin tone looks 10 times more vibrant with this color. Brown to blonde is not a risky choice, but it ensures that the final look will be bomb. Also, this combo is very easy to maintain. The only detail that ladies should pay attention to is the texture of the hair because it requires light bleaching. The color, on the contrary, is super easy to keep up and you won’t need special products to maintain the pigmentation.

Best ombre short hair style for girl
Brown to blonde ombre short hair
Brown to blonde ombre long hair
For medium hair

Ash blonde ombre

Ash blonde ombre definitely is trickier to keep up, but the overall look will pacify you because it is worth the while. This shade is chic and sexy on ladies with pale or cool skin tones. It gives a high-fashion look to the lady effortlessly and complements the skin. The tricky part about ash blonde ombre is that the hair loses the smoky color after around 8 washes. To make the color bound back, it is essential washing the hair with purple shampoo.

Ash blonde ombre bob hair
Brown to ash blonde

Also, ash blonde doesn’t show great performance on warm skin tone because it makes the skin look ashy and unattractive. There are rich warm shades that ladies with warm undertones can rock.

Black to blonde ombre

Black to blonde also is a traditional color combo and the blonde tone can vary a lot depending on the shape of the face and the skin tone. Black is a great contrast to blonde and it can be beneficial on the right face shape. With black roots and blonde ends, the top part of the face will look slimmer and the bottom part will look wider. Therefore, this color combo is perfect for a heart-shaped face. However, if you are a lady who has a pear face, avoid this combo because it exaggerates the width of the chin and the narrowness of the forehead.

Black to blonde ombre long hair
For medium hair

Platinum blonde ombre

Platinum blonde ombre is a good choice for cool skin tone. This color is relatively stylish and it is perfect for every season of the year. To keep the beautiful platinum color vibrant, it is essential that you use purple shampoo to get rid of the yellowish stain that will appear through time. Also, platinum blonde is the brightest color of the blonde chart, it requires heavy bleaching and the hair gets dry easily. To keep the hair strong and smooth, moisturizer for hair is a must. In conclusion, platinum blonde ombre is a high-fashion color that everyone loves, but it needs topnotch care.

Brown to platinum blonde ombre short hair
Make your hair more impressive
Very suitable for long hair

Dark brown to blonde ombre

Brown to blonde always looks gorgeous. It is easy to wear, easy to match with clothes and doesn’t suffer from discoloration like most ombre colors do. Thus, sporty girls will love this color scheme. It will withstand many washes without losing its beauty. The best way to wear dark brown to blonde is to avoid icy, smoky blonde tones. Dark chocolate brown is very warm and subtle, a blonde tone that is too edgy and chic is not an ideal companion.

Dark to blonde ombre short hair
Color for long hair
Dark brown to blonde ombre with layer

Red to blonde ombre

Red to blonde is a bold combination. The overall look resembles a flame and it is ideal for autumn and winter. In cold weather, red and blonde brings warmth to the ladies and make them look even more attractive at this time of the year. The contrast between the two tones is very noticeable. To maintain the contrast the way it is, a gel shampoo or any light shampoo is advisable.

Red to blonde ombre long hair
Color for short hair

Strawberry blonde ombre

Strawberry blonde ombre is not as in-the-face as red to blonde ombre. The color is ideal for every skin tone and for dark-color eyes. Strawberry blonde is bright and it lights up every facial feature beautifully. This is one of the hottest colors of 2020 alongside blue and silver blonde. The best way to style strawberry blonde hair is to curl it into loose waves to give it a bouncy and flowy shape.

Chestnut to strawberry style
Strawberry blonde ombre
With waves

Dark blonde ombre

Dark blonde ombre looks so natural that it is almost impossible to tell if you have your hair dyed or not. But natural doesn’t mean boring. It just means that the hair looks effortlessly gorgeous but it costs big dough to keep it that way. Go to the best hairdresser in town and the final result is guaranteed to be satisfying. It is as if your hair color is naturally beautiful as a golden river, but it is taken care of by the best artists and the best products.

Dark blonde ombre
With simple color

Light brown to blonde ombre

Light brown to blonde, like any other brown to blonde ombre, is easy to rock and maintain. However, when mixing together, light brown and blonde give a more romantic vibe than dark brown. The overall look can be described as a pool of honey. You must try these colors once in your life. They perform perfectly on both short and long hair. But the best length is medium. And don’t forget to add some waves to it.

Light brown to blonde ombre long hair
Color for medium hair
For short hair

White blonde ombre

The same as ash blonde ombre, white blonde is a combo that is designed to boost the beauty of cool skin. In this case, purple shampoo also is a must. Cold seasons are on the way, if you want to embrace them to the fullest, white blonde might be a good choice.

Brown to white blonde ombre
White blonde ombre medium hair

Silver blonde ombre

Silver blonde and grey blonde are smoky hairstyles, which are on-trend in 2020. There is a huge difference between the traditional coloring technique and the smoky coloring technique. Smoky gives a newer and more modern look since its colors aren’t too bright and they fade into the hair smoothly. To achieve a good final look with smokey hair, the hairdresser must be very skillful. Smoky hair is a labor of love that modern ladies must try.

Brown to silver blonde
Silver blonde ombre
Silver to platinum blonde

Grey blonde ombre

“Grey” is not the first color that comes to your mind when investigating fun hair colors. Grey is dark and mysterious, but it also is runway-material. A mysterious hairstyle can draw more attention than you can imagine. And don’t forget that this color brings out the shine of blue or brown eyes. Don’t miss such a sexy color!

Black to grey blonde ombre
Dark brown to grey blonde

Blonde to pink ombre

Blonde to pink is an inspiring color scheme. It resembles flamingos, dawn and rose champagne, aka fun time. Blonde to pink shows that you are a positive and cheerful person. With this hair color, not only can you lighten up everyone’s days, you can make yours dreamy as well. Romantic, feminine and captivating. There is nothing more to ask from a trendy hairstyle.

Blonde to pink ombre long hair
Style for medium hair
Some highlight

Icy blonde ombre

Icy blonde is basically silver to blonde. This tone is very bright and very cool. If you are naturally blonde, don’t hesitate and tone your hair color down to achieve this icy color. Plus, if you have a small face, icy blonde color will brighten up the facial features and make the outline shape fuller.

Icy blonde ombre
Lob icy blonde balayage bob

But, for ladies with natural brown hair, if you want your hair to go extra platinum, it is inevitable that you have your hair bleached many times instead of leaving the bleach on once during many hours. This will break the hair and damage it beyond repair. Overall, this is not a recommendable color for brown hair ladies since there is no guarantee that the final result is satisfying.

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Caramel blonde ombre

Caramel blonde is sweet and dreamy. There is an obvious reason why it has been existing for so long and still is going strong in 2020. It looks great on every face shape, every skin tone and it adds more volume to thin hair. Thin hair is a nightmare for women and caramel blonde is here to fix that. If you are struggling with your thin hair and looking for a good styling solution, put this combo of colors on top of the list.

Brown to caramel blonde ombre
Light brown to caramel blonde

Golden blonde ombre

Golden blonde is another natural look. Ladies with blue eyes love this color since it gives them a fancy Barbie vibe. The best way to wear golden blonde hair is to leave it from medium to long length. You can curl it or flat iron it accordingly and the hair will look bomb. Avoid cutting your hair short if it is golden blonde. Short golden blonde isn’t flattering at all, especially in 2020.

Golden blonde ombre
This hair color makes the hair attractive

Blonde to purple ombre

It is obvious that this is not a popular combo. Only ladies who love to try new things and be the trendsetters instead of following it can rock these colors. They give off a witchy vibe that isn’t too dark or gothic. The combination has a very unique flair. And it works like magic on every skin tone.

Blonde to purple ombre long hair
It is also great for medium hair

Honey ombre hair

Honey ombre hair boasts its charm on every skin tone, but the way it highlights sun-kissed skin is just mesmerizing. If you want a hairstyle and color that enhance the richness of your tan skin, go for wavy honey ombre hair. This look never fails to impress. Plus, the way this color sparks up under the sun is enchanting. Get ready for million-like photos, no one can say no to such perfect beach hair.

Brown to honey ombre long hair
Light brown to honey

Reverse ombre blonde

Reverse ombre is a technique in which the roots are brighter than the ends. Reverse ombre blonde is a look that consists of black ends and blonde roots. This technique is beneficial for ladies with round faces or square faces. The black ends will cover up the chin while the blond roots make their eyes pop. What an easy way to contour the face without putting on makeup!

Reverse ombre blonde
Mix with waves

Blonde ombre short hair

To rock blonde ombre short hair, it is recommendable that ladies curl the hair lightly to add more volume to it. The style is urban and very chic, it can be spotted on fashion designers, biker chics and models. But a wrong twist can ruin the fun of this look. If the hair isn’t curled, there are many ways to style it so that it looks 100% modern. A light shave on each side can be a good option.

Style blonde ombre short hair
Brown to blond ombre bob hair

Blonde ombre long hair

Ombre color works the best on long hair because only on long hair can it shows the full color transition. Make sure that you give it some waves, don’t leave the hair flat since it doesn’t have a modern vibe. And, to make sure that the hair has a healthy and strong texture, hair moisturizers are a must.

Blonde ombre long hair
With light blonde

Blonde ombre medium hair

Medium hair is the perfect length for every hairstyle. It is not too heavy, not too light. It gives hairdressers enough space to work with and it doesn’t cause you any trouble to take care of. Medium blonde is a classic and safe choice. Even though you won’t have a drastic change in appearance, it is 100% guaranteed that it will be out of this world.

Blonde ombre medium hair
Style black to blonde

These are 50+ ways to rock blonde ombre hair and tips that ladies should keep in mind. They will help you choose the best color combo that enhances the richness of your skin tone and is the most favorable according to your hair texture. Blonde ombre is a must-try hairstyle that you shouldn’t miss in any lifetime.

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