Boiling lemons and their benefits for health

Boiling Lemons And Their Benefits For Health

Many people know that drinking lemon juice with water helps with weight loss. But do you know that drinking boiling lemons works even better? If you make the drink right, boiling lemons can cut off up to 20lbs, you will feel light and look light. But to make sure that the drink doesn’t turn into something harmful, you have to prepare it carefully and consume it in moderation. We will help you with that.

How to prepare boiling lemons

There are 2 ways to prepare a drink with boiling lemons. You can make soft boiling lemons if you have a stomachic condition. We also recommend this recipe if you have gastroesophageal reflux. The other recipe involves many other ingredients that we can use to make a detox.

Simple boiling lemons

First, you have to prepare about 4-5 lemons, depending on how much water you want to be premade. In general, we recommend 4-5 lemons with 2L of water. It is gentler for your stomach. But if you have always had a strong one with no special condition, you can increase it to 7 lemons.

Boiling lemons

Second, cut each lemon in halves and squeeze the juice out. Keep the lemon skin for boiling.

Third, boil the water until it bubbles then drop in the halves of lemon skin in and boil for 20 to 30 minutes. In 30 minutes, all the extract from the skin will dissolve in the water. But if you don’t have much time, you can reduce the boiling duration to 15-20 minutes.

Lastly, turn off the heat after the drink has boiled. Wait until it cools off to warm water and add a spoon of lemon extract that you get from the 2nd step. You can add a teaspoon of honey to soften the drink. But it is more effective if you don’t.

Detox water with boiling lemons

First, you have to prepare these ingredients: 2 cucumbers, 4-7 lemons, 1-2 limes, a generous number of mint branches, and 2L to 2.5L of clear water.

Boiling lemons detox water

Second, you have to cut the cucumbers, limes and lemons into thin slices. Leave 2 lemons for boiling only. Then, detach the mint leaves from the branches and wash them. You can keep the top of the branches, just make sure that they are soft and fresh. We don’t need hard mint branches in the detox water.

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Third, cut 2 lemons in halves and boil them for 20 minutes in 2 or 2.5L of water. This step allows the lemon extract to diffuse into the water totally and it won’t taste too sharp.

Lastly, wait for the water to cool down completely and put every ingredient you have prepared in a big water bottle (enough for 3L of water or more), or you can prepare two 2L bottles.

Benefits of drinking boiling lemons

There are so many benefits of boiling lemons. This drink affects human’s health and appearance. There are 5 most noticeable benefits of drinking boiling lemons that is important to point out:

1. Help with weight loss and reduce appetite

Boiling lemon water is a natural antioxidant that can prevent cardiac diseases and establish a stable blood flow or blood pressure. Alongside this incredible aspect, it aids weight loss and burns body fat like crazy.

People have been using lemon with water to lose weight for over a century. It burns body fat, reduces bloating and it also makes you lose hunger or appetite. This is very beneficial for losing weight.

Weight loss with boiling lemons water

But if your weight is at a normal level, drinking boiling lemons won’t be beneficial for your health. It takes effect on everyone, not just on people who need to lose weight but also on those with average body weight.

So we only recommend this if you have extra body fat that you want to burn healthily. Don’t consume this drink too regularly if you don’t have much fat to burn. You can still benefit from healthy components like vitamin or calcium. But too much won’t be good for your weight.

2. Strengthen the immune system

Containing healthy vitamins like C, B1, B2, B6, and calcium, magnesium, etc., boiling lemon water can strengthen one’s immune system. Lemon is a natural antibacterial that cleanses the digestive system, including stomachs, intestines, etc.

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Why is it important to have a strong immune system? A healthy immune system can prevent you from many types of diseases. From common flu or fever to Covid, a strong immune system can get you through. Even though you can still get Covid, the possibility is reduced greatly and the recuperation will be more effective.  

3. Aid the digestive system and the digesting process

According to nutrient experts, lemons contain a fiber called pectin. Pectin is a prebiotic component that is very advantageous for the guts. It reduces blood sugar, high cholesterol and digestive disorders. Pectin also balances the pH level in the digestive system.

Aid the digestive system

With healthy digestion, your body processes food better and converts the healthy components into energy, instead of storing fat. The digestive system also allows your body to respond more significantly to healthy components. This aspect is important for your diet since it aids weight loss as well.

4. Detox your body

Sour, acidic lemon water detoxes our body. It expels toxins that regulate in our body through digestion. This feature also helps with weight loss, but overall it is a healthy method to cleanse the organs or our body in general.

Lemon water also helps produce more red blood cells. So not only will it cleanse our body, it will also strengthen it. More red blood cells mean more oxygen is carried throughout the vessels. It aids muscle movements and offers a clear and stable brain function.

Thus, drinking lemon water is good for people of all ages, from young students to adult workers or elders. Everybody needs a clear mind and smooth corporal movements.

5. Improve dull skin

Lemons with their vitamin C can improve dull skin. In fact, lemons have been used in the beauty industry for many years due to their benefits to people’s appearance.

Drinking boiled lemon water can give you bright and glowing skin. Vitamin C in lemons can lighten dark spots or hyperpigmentation if you consume the juice at the right time in a right amount.

Our recommendation is to drink 350 to 500ml per day. You can consume up to 1L if you have a strong stomach but in general we find 350-500ml more adequate. Other than this amount of lemon water, you also consume clear water and water from food throughout the day.

Good for skin

In case you want to improve dull skin quickly, you can combine drinking and applying. What do you have to prepare? Simply mix 2 tablespoons of lemon juice with 1 teaspoon of honey and you have a concoction for dark spots and acne scars.

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The key is to put the mixture on for 30 minutes or more before you go to sleep. And when you are about to get in bed, rinse it off totally. If you leave it on through the night, it can clog your pores or attract bugs. Using the mixture in the correct amount of time will be more effective than leaving it on.

How to consume boiling lemons healthily

Consuming too much sour water can make you feel uncomfortable and it can even cause some light symptoms like coughing or diarrhea. Some even lose their voice for a few minutes or even hours before the symptom dies down. So how do we drink lemon water correctly?

Firstly, you should consume the concoction when your stomach isn’t empty, which means it doesn’t have to be full. Simply eat something before you drink lemon water. Why?

When you are hungry, drinking water with a high acidic level is bad for the stomach. Consuming this for a long time will turn into a bad habit for the stomach. In consequence, you shouldn’t eat fruits like banana, tomato, mandarin or orange when you are hungry. These fruits will increase the stomachic acid, which causes gas, bloating and belching.

When can you drink lemon water when you have an empty stomach? You have to have a strong stomach and you are in desperate need to lose weight. If your situation doesn’t apply to BOTH of these requirements, you should not drink acidic lemon water when your stomach is empty.

Secondly, you should drink about 500ml or 1L each day. More than this isn’t recommendable. At 1L, we are already pushing the limit. If your stomach is strong, you can take up to 1L. If it isn’t, you can drink up to about 500ml. We recommend 350ml.

Final thoughts

If you haven’t tried to drink boiled lemons with water, it is time to test. There are so many health benefits from this natural drink. You can improve your immune system, be stronger, healthier, build your figure, etc. The sky is the limit.

But make sure that you consume the right amount at the right time of the day. Even though it is nice to try new and natural methods to lose weight, you still need to keep in mind the precautions. If you apply our tips to your daily consumption, surely you will only see positive results.