Prettiest Brown Ombré Hair Color

50+ Brown Ombre Hair Styles That Will Make You Like A Model

Brown ombre hair is the easiest way to make yourselves look chic effortlessly. In 2021, the world promotes the rise of vibrant hair colors like rainbow, pink, violet, etc. But simple brown ombre hair is still the go-to option for modern ladies. Why? Because this hairstyle is highly functional, easy to take care of and universally flattering. And, brown ombre hair is not a lone wolf either. It works perfectly with vibrant hair colors as well. So if you want to give the natural brown ombre hairstyle a twist, the option is available too. Check out 50+ ways how modern ladies rock brown ombre hair in 2021.

Brown to blonde ombre

Pros: The best thing about the transition from brown ombre hair to blonde is that it is very natural. The style is considerably easy to wear and it is not picky with its wearers either. These colors perform skillfully on all skin tones and they complement every face shape. The brown roots add more volume to the hair, which is very convenient for ladies with thin hair who are struggling to find a style that really suits them. The blonde ends are chic and they look like they are reflecting the sunlight, even when the lady is indoors. Also, maintaining this style is not tricky at all since it is very natural.

Brown to blonde medium hair
Dark brown to blonde ombre
Light brown to blonde

Cons: Just like any hairstyle that involves bleaching, it needs extra hydration.

Light brown ombre

Pros: Light brown ombre hair has a beautiful warm tone that enhances the richness of warm skin. It is a basic hairstyle that makes great use of the light. Under the sun, light brown ombre brightens up with hair strains with the color of fire. In summer this style is a bomb and in winter it subtly brings warmth to the facial features. It is impossible looking off in this color scheme in any season. Also, it doesn’t need bleach to lighten the original hair color, so your hair should be safe from damage.

Long ombre hair light brown
Light brown to blonde

Cons: None. This is the most easy-going hairstyle on the list that every lady can wear.

Dark brown ombre

Pros: Dark brown ombre hair is a retro and mysterious color. It looks best on long or medium hair with tight big curls. Celebrities like Lana Del Rey, Mila Kunis or Katy Perry have all rocked this hair color. The best thing about dark brown ombre hair is that it always seems healthier and stronger than light color hair. And it is more voluminous too. For ladies with thin hair, this style is a lifesaver. On the other hand, it is a good style for sporty girls.

Dark brown to gray
Dark hair brown ombre
Ideas for dark brown ombre hair

Cons: Very natural looking and unsuitable for ladies with a taste for colorful hair colors.

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Black to brown ombre

Pros: Black to brown ombre hair also is a natural combo that brings out the best of the volume and strength. Since the color is very deep and dark, it is perfect for slimming down the outer corners of the face. Thus, this is an ideal hair color for ladies with round or square faces.

Black to brown ombre
Style with beach waves
Black to light style

Cons: Too natural looking for many ladies.

Ash brown ombre

Pros: Ash brown ombre hair is a modern tone that gets all ladies crazy about. This tone looks best on ladies with pale or cool undertone since it is an ashy one. It is a fairly natural color, but it is not too natural to seem boring. It has a subtle flair of modernity and it is simple enough to not cause controversy in the workplace. The right way to rock this hair color is to wear it on long or medium hair length. And the best age range for this hair color is 25+.

Ash brown style for long hair
Brown to ash brown

Cons: Ladies with warm undertones shouldn’t try this color since it takes away the liveliness of the skin. Also, it is a tricky color to keep up. The hair also shows yellow hue eventually since this is the natural hair color. Ashy brown is not a natural color, thus it will be replaced by a yellow hue. To keep this from happening, purple shampoo is a must.

Light brown to honey ombre hair

Pros: Light brown to honey looks great on every skin tone and it is a multipurpose hair color. From strict workplaces to fancy parties, ladies will find this hair color in every corner of the world. Plus, keeping up with a hairstyle shouldn’t be a task every day. So this hair color won’t be the one that causes you trouble. Also, it suits red lipstick perfectly. So if you are a lady who loves the French look, this is the only option that you should look into.

Light brown to honey
Light brown to honey ombre with beach waves

Cons: There is not a bad thing to say about light brown to honey ombre hair. So don’t hesitate and rock this hair color today.

Brown to red ombre

Pros: Brown to red sounds more exciting. It is a warm tone combination that works the most efficiently on warm skin. Red adds a twist to the neutral brown tone and makes it more interesting. There are different levels of depth for red to express. The deeper the color is, the more passionate and wild the final look is. If you want a romantic look, opt for light red instead of dark red. But if you want to embrace the incoming cold weather to the fullest, choose dark red instead. On the other hand, red is an easy peasy color to maintain. Discoloration is not very noticeable for this color, but to keep it vibrant, you can use red shampoo to save the day.

Dark brown to red ombre
Ombre red hair color
This color make your hair impressive

Cons: For light red, it is advisable that the lady uses red shampoo.

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Dark brown to light brown ombre

Pros: Dark brown ombre hair to light brown offers a natural finish that complies with every workplaces’ rule. This voluminous and healthy hair color doesn’t take much to look good. Add some waves to it and you will look like a true vintage lady. This hair color looks great on ladies with brown amber eyes.

Dark brown to light brown
Dark to light brown
Style for short hair

Cons: Ladies with a taste for crazy hair colors won’t fall in love with this shade.

Brown to pink ombre

Pros: This is an unquestionably romantic color combination. It is perfect for all skin tones. If you want a mysterious vibe, go for darker brown shades. If you want a fun and young look, go for light brown ombre hair roots. These colors, no doubt, are in the list of most loved hair colors in 2021. Ladies who want to experience new things can put this style on the to-do list.

Brown pink ombre medium hair
Brown pink ombre short hair
Brown to pastel pink ombre

Cons: The pink part is the only thing that requires decent maintenance. The color eventually fades after around 6 washes and there is no colored shampoo that can add a pink hue to the hair. What ladies need to use is temporary hair dye in the color pink. Many hair care lines have created the permanent pink dye but it is only a bit stronger than temporary hair dye. So touch up the hair after a few washes with temporary pink dye will cause less damage than constantly using a permanent dye.  

Brown to grey ombre

Pros: Brown to grey is a gothic and spooky combo. It looks best on ladies from 25+. The colors are very chic and it is recommendable for ladies with light skin tone. October needs this combo. It is perfect for Halloween theme. Thus, it must be a dream come true for ladies with a taste for dark and mysterious appearance. And mystery is the best type of attraction.

Brown to blue grey ombre hair
Brown to grey hair
Dark grey
Grey ombre hair

Cons: Needs constant use of purple shampoo to eliminate the yellow hue that breaks the ashy grey tone from underneath. And it requires a great number of moisturizers too. Grey is an ashy color that can only be achieved through bleaching. And bleach is well-known for its dryness. Hydrate the hair with more effort!

Brown to purple ombre

Pros: Another interesting combo for fun ladies. Brown ombre hair to purple has various appearances. If brown is paired with dark purple, it forms a punk rock worthy look. But when it is cooperated with light purple (aka violet), it creates an incredibly romantic look that resembles a field of lavender. This color scheme is at its best state when it is applied on medium hair. Also, some beachy waves will do this style good. On the other hand, purple has an interesting mechanism. It doesn’t fade into a muddy or greenish color, it simply lightens the shade down.

Brown and purple ombre hair
Brown to purple hair
Brown to purple short hair

Cons: You will need a big bottle of purple shampoo.

Caramel ombre hair

Pros: This hair color has been worn by tons of celebrities like Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Lopez and many others. The reason why it is so famous among celebrities is that it is picky with the undertone and it matches various outfit designs. Sweet and vintage, these are the traits that caramel ombre hair owns. During summer, the colors turn little and individual hair strain into rays of sunlight. During winter, it is warm and bright. Such a versatile hair color shouldn’t be skipped. Also, it doesn’t suffer from heavy bleaching sections. So the texture of the hair shall remain healthy and smooth.

Brown caramel ombre hair
Caramel ombre lob
Dark brown to caramel

Cons: There isn’t any con to caramel ombre hair.

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Ombre hair chocolate

Pros: Chocolate shade is the ultimate option for vintage and retro ladies. It looks bomb with brown eyes. And it enhances the beauty of every skin tone. If you have gone through all kinds of hair colors, chocolate ombre hair can be a good option for the hair to recover from chemical works. Brown looks strong, healthy and well taken care of. It also is the color that ladies with thin hair always go to. Add more volume to your hair with chocolate brown ombre hair.

Dark brown to chocolate ombre
Ombre chocolate medium hair
Ombre chocolate short hair
Ombre chocolate

Cons: None. Except for the fact that it is natural-looking and might not be an ideal choice for fun and young girls.

Brown to silver ombre

Pros: Brown ombre hair to silver is a peculiar option since it is a mixture of warm and cool tone. Brown belongs to the warmer side while silver belongs to the cool one. This color scheme is recommended by hairdressers to every lady with every hair length. From super short pixie cut to long wavy hair, brown to silver ombre can handle it all. On short pixie hair, the silver strains are badass and edgy. On long wavy hair, the color is like a river of silver. Don’t miss such an iconic color combo.

Brown silver ombre short hair
Dark brown to silver
Light brown to silver ombre

Cons: Just like any silver tone hair, it takes some bleaching sections to get the works done. If you are a natural blonde, the change from blonde to silver is as easy as a pie. But if you are a natural brunette, your hair will have to go through a rough procedure. The best advice is to keep the hair shiny and healthy with deep moisturizers and high-quality conditioners.

Brown to platinum blonde ombre

Pros: Modern, fun, and easy to wear. Brown to platinum blonde is like magic. It is a timeless look that many models have worn before. It is suitable for different types of space and event. A chic look for chic ladies is what 2021 is all about.

Brown to platinum blonde ombre medium hair
Brown to platinum blonde ombre short hair
Light brown to platinum blonde ombre

Cons: Hair oil is a must to keep this style going strong. Platinum blonde is the lightest shade of blonde ever and it is not a natural hair color. To reach level 10 of the blonde scale, it takes serious bleaching. Therefore, the key to having beautiful brown to platinum blonde hair is to hydrate the hair daily. Don’t skip this step and you will always have a good hair day.  

These are 50 different styles of brown ombre hair. Some are very natural and some have a fun twist to it. Whatever style it is that you choose, make sure that the color matches your undertone. It is the same as picking silver or gold jewelry. The color must be right to compliment your natural features. Surely you will find one hairstyle that meets all the needs, atheistically and professionally. And remember, the most beautiful hair is the healthiest hair!

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