Best brown to blonde ombre hair

35+ Ways To Wear Brown To Blonde Ombre Hair And How It Works With Outfits

Brown to blonde ombre is that one hair color that every lady is obsessed about. This is the most gorgeous and flattering color scheme ever and there are many different styles that ladies can try. Brown to blonde ombre sounds traditional, if you don’t investigate deep enough. Depending on the hairstyles, hair lengths and cooperated tones, brown to blonde ombre hair can look more modern than one can imagine. This article will show you 9 ways to wear and style brown to blonde ombre hair that you might not know. Prepare to experience the best hair day ever.

Dark brown to blonde ombre

Dark brown to blonde is the most traditional combo of the list. With dark chocolate roots color and yellow blonde ends, ladies own a hairstyle that will forever look flattering.

Dark brown blonde
Dark brown to ash blonde ombre
Dark brown to blonde short hair
Dark brown to blonde short hair

This combo looks great on everyone and it ages beautifully. Most of the time when a lady changes her hair color, the thought of the hair growing longer and the colors don’t perform well always comes up. However, with dark brown to blonde ombre, the hairstyle is guaranteed to look taken care of even if it isn’t. It is a safe choice but you can’t go wrong with this combination.

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Light brown to blonde ombre

Light brown to blonde ombre enhances the glam of cool skin tones and boasts the richness of warm honey skin tones. This is the most recommendable hair color for ladies with warm skin because it truly brings out the best of it. Light brown fades smoothly to blonde is a smart technique for ladies who have thin hair but still want to wear bright hair colors. The light brown roots are dark enough to make the hair look more voluminous and light enough to look fashionable. Your facial features will be lightened up with this bright hair color combo.

Light brown to blonde with beach waves
Light ombre hair with brown and blonde color
Medium hair brown to blonde ombre
Ombre on light brown hair

Brown to platinum blonde ombre

Brown to platinum blonde gives a cool contrast to the hair. Since platinum blonde is a cool tone, it is recommendable pairing it with a cool tone of brown. Ladies with pale, or cool undertones in general, look great in this hairstyle. To maintain the impressive platinum color for the hair, ladies must use purple shampoo to eliminate the yellowish color which will appear through times. Platinum blonde is on the highest position of the bleaching scale. After a bleaching section, even the strongest hair texture weakens a bit. In this situation, moisturizing is the key. Keep the hair fresh and healthy with hair oil or a deep moisturizing conditioner.

Brown to platinum blonde
Brown to platinum blonde medium hair
Brown to platinum blonde ombre
Brown to platinum blonde short hair

Ombre hair blonde to brown

Blonde to brown can be called reverse ombre because the lighter part is the roots and the darker part is the ends. Hair color has its way of broadening or slimming down the face shape. Bright colors give the illusion of a smaller face shape while dark colors do the opposite. In this case, ladies with pear face shapes should rock this color scheme. It will balance the width of the face and give it the illusion of a great facial ratio.

Blonde to brown ombre
Blonde to dark brown ombre
Ombre hair blonde to brown

Brown to ash blonde ombre

Ash blonde is similar to platinum blonde, it is a cool shade and it goes best with cool brown. Ash blonde has a smoky touch to it and the color is favored by models. By dying your hair in these colors, you will have a high-fashion appearance that can’t be achieved through clothes. Go for this hairstyle if you want to look chic both in photos and in real life.

Brown to ash blonde ombre
Brown to ash smokey blonde ombre
Light brown to ash blonde ombre
Silver brown to ash blonde ombre

Brown to blonde ombre straight hair

Nothing beats a natural hairstyle. Brown to blonde ages like fine wine. The best part about this hairstyle is that you won’t have to be worried about it getting longer. In straight texture, the overall look is even more natural. You won’t have to spend extra money on haircare’s products to maintain its appearance. Have your hair dyed in these colors if you want a change of style that isn’t too controversial or rebel for workplaces.

Blonde ombre straight hair
Brown to ash blonde ombre straight hair
Straight medium hair ombre blonde
Straight short hair ombre blonde

Brown to blonde ombre long hair

Ombre is an interesting technique where the hair is dyed in different colors and they merge together into a satisfying work. In order to show the mesmerizing transition from one color to another, the hair length should be generous. Even though ombre works on short hair as well, it is no match when compared with long ombre hair. Brown to blonde looks good on long hair. And it looks even better on wavy long hair. Consider this a go-to look whenever you want to try ombre technique.

Brown to blonde ombre long hair
Gentle style
For outstanding hair
Make you always stand out

Brown to blonde ombre medium hair

Medium brown to blonde hair also is a good option. Even though it is less flowy than long wavy hair, this look still has its romantic touch. On the other hand, medium wins long hair in this case where ladies want to look cool but romantic at the same time. Medium hair is more dynamic and it is also convenient. This is the style for women of the 21st century.

Brown to blonde ombre medium hair
Dark yellow
Chestnut brown to blonde

Brown to blonde ombre short hair

Short hair gives less space to work with and it takes great skill to dye it using ombre technique. If done right, the lady will look like a dream. The best way to rock this hair length is to dye the roots in warm brown and the ends in a bright blonde tone (like platinum or silver blonde). It is also ideal curling the hair to give it more volume. Wavy hair must be the best shape for ombre colors to work on a small canvas. The final look should be modern, flirtatious and liberal.

Blond ombre with brown hair short
Brown to blonde ombre short hair
Nice style
Popular short hairstyles

In love with brown to blonde hair? Make sure that you check out every piece of advice that appears in this article. There are many ways to rock this combo. Knowing the face shape and the skin’s undertone will help you decide which are the best options. But remember, changing the hair color is fun, but keeping the inner texture healthy is even more important. Hydrate the hair and enjoy its new appearance.

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