Best dark purple hair color

50+ Prettiest Dark Purple Hair Ideas To Bring To Your Colorist

Dark purple is one of the best hair colors ever that is super easy to rock and easy to keep up with. The best thing about it is that ladies of all age ranges can rock this enchanting color. The shade is not too risky nor too traditional. It is a perfect balance for ladies who want to experience a fierce change without risking too much. While light purple hair is romantic and cute, dark purple hair is more mature and mysterious. If you also are looking for a mysterious hair color to wear this season, don’t miss the chance to check out these gorgeous 50+ dark purple hairstyles.

Easy black purple hair for a voluminous look

The trick to achieving a voluminous hairstyle is keeping the color dark and adding waves to the roots. So this combo can´t be more perfect for ladies with thin hair. By dyeing the roots black, the hair magically appears to be bouncier and healthier. And purple ends are the fun touch that give the overall look a curious twist.

Black purple balayage
Black purple ombre highlight

The way you style the hair can change the whole look. The easiest way to style black and purple is to dye it using ombre technique.

Full on dark purple hair

Dark purple hair is a monotone look, which means it is perfect for every hair length. This also is a good choice if you want to add thickness to the hair. The style orients towards ladies who love spooky and magical style. The best hair length for this color is medium. And with the help of some loose waves, the look becomes more “daily” and easy to match with outfits.

Dark purple hair color
Dark purple long hair

To maintain the vibrant shade of purple, you can use purple shampoo. But overall this is an easy-going color that doesn’t cause any problem when it comes to maintaining it. It simply is as easy as “brush and go”.

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Black to purple ombre hair: Creative and fun

Black to purple ombre is a bomb look no matter how you style it. Depending on the taste, different shades of purple have different effects on each person. The best black to purple ombre look should be vibrant, inspiring and attractive. And there is no combo better than black to violet ombre.

Black to purple ombre hair
Black to purple ombre short hair

The colors smoothly fade from black to dark purple then to violet. It offers many layers of colors and is generally inspiring to look at. It also gives an E-girl vibe that is very trendy right now. Another great thing about the style is that it works on every skin tone.

Preserving the colors is quite a task. But for such a lively and attractive style, every work is worth the while.

Dark red purple hair, aka mulberry hair

Mulberry sounds curious but it simply is dark red purple hair. The color is a beautiful mixture of red and purple that is very similar to wine. Even though it is a deep shade, it still gives off a romantic vibe. The difference is that the touch of passion and maturity is more noticeable than any cute color.

Mulberry hair color

It seems that any hairstyle that is involved with purple dye is suitable for every skin tone. And this one is no exception. Any skin tone will shine with a touch of purple.

Dark red purple hair

The perfect age range that benefits the most from this sexy color is from 25 to 35. Clearly if you want it then you shouldn’t hesitate to rock it. But the shade can be too mature or too bold for certain age ranges.

Dark purple ombre for a mysterious look

Ombre technique plays a huge part when it comes to dark purple hair. Solid and monotone dark purple hair looks mysterious. But by adding violet to dark purple and giving the hair a beautiful colors’ transition, it becomes even more magical. This is the style that a 2020 lady must try. It is vibrant and fresh, which is perfect for any age range.

Black to dark purple ombre

Violet ends are the result of good bleaching and decent coloring. The hair texture will become drier. So by moisturizing it, you are taking good care of the hair. Also, a bit of purple shampoo wouldn’t hurt.

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Dark lavender hair for magical girls

Dark lavender is the definition of E-girl style. It is cool, very cartoonish and as magical as a unicorn. The best haircuts to complement this color are wavy bob or medium beach waves. Flat ironed hair is a futuristic and high-fashion choice, but for dark lavender hair to appear modern and be easy to wear daily, waves will do the trick.

Dark lavender hair

Given that the color is bold, it is not necessarily ideal for formal workplaces. Instead, the style boasts its charm the most in creative spaces. A colorful and complimenting hair color can boost the working efficiency thanks to its inspiring characteristic.

Smokey dark lavender

Moisturizer also is a must in this case. Even though it is “dark” lavender, it is still an ashy tone that can only be achieved with bleach. Thus dehydration is common and should be kept at bay.

Short dark purple hair: Chic and fierce

Romantic isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. So chic and fierce are here to rescue! Short dark purple hair is a strong look that has a biker vibe. The hairstyle is a statement of one’s personality. If you leave it straight, the statement is strong and fierce. If you curl it, the statement is feminine but tough. Decide your style.

Dark brown purple short hair
Dark purple bob hair

Trendy dark grey purple hair, perfect for 2020

Ashy grey tone is taking the internet by storm in 2020. The year isn’t completed if you haven’t tried the look yet. It is a tricky color but it is so amazing that every work put into it will be worth the while.

Dark grey to purple hair
Dark grey with purple highlight

The best way to style the hair is to leave it long. Add curls to it or leave the hair straight depending on your taste. However, straight hair has the tendency to make ladies look younger, especially in this color. So if you have the sporty and young look in mind, leave the hair straight.

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Add more volume with purple hair and dark roots

Dark roots are the best roots and this is a fact. Dark roots have the power of adding volume to the hair that every lady loves. Though it is not necessary for girls with thick hair to have more volume, for girls with thin hair this is a lifesaver. Also, the placement of colors helps slim down the face, who says you can’t cut some weight without going to the gym?

Light purple with dark roots
Purple balayage with dark roots

Stormy dark blue purple hair

Blue and purple are a curious couple. They are vibrant colors that have a mysterious touch. It is exciting to go through a drastic change of appearance once in a while. And this combo is very ideal for ladies with cool skin tone.

Dark blue purple hair
Ombre hair with dark purple and blue

However, it is quite a task to maintain the colors because they are both semi-permanent. Purple or blue shampoo will revive the freshness of colors. And a thorough session of hair washing is not ideal.

Dark ash purple hair for urban chics

Ash purple enhances the shine of cool skin tone. And dark ashy purple is not a common look that anyone can pull off. Only urban chics with sporty, dark and fierce fashion sense can rock this color.

Dark ash purple hair
Ash purple dark roots

The big advice that ladies who decide to rock this color should keep in mind is that it requires constant care. The ashy note will eventually fade if you don’t pay attention to it. In this case, purple shampoo is useful. It keeps the hair from turning into a muddy yellow color.

Dark purple to light purple hair

Dark roots are recommendable but it can be boring for fun ladies, so purple roots are wonderful alternatives. They offer a similar effect while being eye-catching. Dark purple to light purple is a good choice. It guarantees that the color transition is satisfying.

Dark purple to light purple hair
Dark purple to light purple ombre

Every hair length can enjoy this combo. Put make sure that you choose what compliments your face shape the best. A lady with a round face shouldn’t add dense and intense curls. And ladies with square faces shouldn’t add straight lines to it. This is the golden law for ladies to work the hair and the face shape together.

Some other beautiful purple hair

Best dark purple hair color
Best dark purple hair color

These 50+ dark purple hairstyles are mesmerizing. Each one brings a certain effect depending on the original style of each woman. Purple is one of the best choices for ladies who have never tried a crazy hair color. So if you are ready for a change, don’t hesitate and throw on the best purple hairstyle ever!

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