Best grey ombre hairstyle

35+ Ways How Modern Ladies Rock Grey Ombre Hair: Street Style To Runway

The ombre technique would never be completed without grey ombre hair. It is such a modern, chic and urban shade that makes every lady crazy about. The style is multipurpose and it can be spotted in every corner of the world. The ombre hairstyle is a seal that guarantees a modern 2021 look. So, if you want to make a big change of appearance, continue to read and find out how modern women are styling their hair in grey ombre colors. There is more than one way to rock this trendy hairstyle. Let’s get started!

Black to grey ombre

Black to grey ombre is a great start for natural brunette ladies. It is a cool change that is not too drastic and it doesn’t damage the roots either. Ladies only have to bleach or lighten the ends of the hair for it to absorb grey hair dye. While at the same time, the roots remain untouched and healthy.

Black and grey ombre hair
Black to grey ombre

Black and grey look fanciest on cool skin tone. And the most perfect age range for this hairstyle is from 20 to 35. This is the period where ladies have the most urban and chic fashion sense, which complements the hairstyle effortlessly. Black and grey need extra space for the color transition to look fantastic, so the perfect hair length should be medium to long. On short hair, these colors are too “natural” to look good.

Dark grey ombre hair aesthetic

Since the roots don’t go through hard sections of bleaching, they still remain healthy and hydrated even after the change. But the ends of the hair, on the contrary, need some extra care. Some choose the method of lightening the ends without using bleach. This is the better way to rock grey hair while not breaking the texture. But if the ends go through bleach, the color appears more vibrant. Even though the hair’s texture suffers from certain damage. The best advice is that ladies moisturize the hair daily.  

Brown to grey ombre

Brown to grey is just like black to grey, the combo has the best performance on medium to long hair. But every lady of all age ranges can rock the colors. Brown to grey is not a risky choice since the colors are fairly neutral. Therefore, it is very recommendable for daily wear. From workplaces to parties, the style struts its beauty while adding a modern touch to the lady. The best shade of brown to pair with grey is a cool tone. It offers a harmonious transition of color, which is what we are looking for.

Brown to grey ombre short hair
Brown to light grey ombre
Light brown to grey ombre

The same as black to grey ombre hair, the grey ends require some attention. And purple shampoo is always welcomed in these cases.

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Ash grey ombre

Ash grey is a full-on cool tone that stays very true to the Halloween spirit. If you want a modern hairstyle that has a touch of spookiness, ash grey ombre is the one to go for. Since it is a cool shade combo, ladies with pale or cool skin tone benefit the most from it. Also, ash grey is a very famous and trendy hairstyle in 2021. Dark and mysterious hair colors are slowly stating their position in the hair fashion world. So don’t hesitate and be one of the trendsetters.

Brown to ash grey ombre
Dark to ash grey ombre
Short hair dark ash brown hair color

However, it is common knowledge that ashy hair colors don’t last very long. Thus it takes constant maintenance for the overall look to be neat. And, purple shampoo is very recommendable too. It helps eliminate the natural blonde or brown hue that is guaranteed to break through from underneath.  

Grey blonde ombre

Grey blonde ombre is the perfect style for summer thanks to its liveliness. Many examples have shown that grey blonde is the ultimate choice for ladies who have a taste for bright and natural hairstyles. Grey to blonde ombre is relatively natural-looking, despite the grey part which must be achieved with bleach or lightener. Grey and blonde strains of hair merge together and literally sparkle under the sunlight. Nothing can beat such an eye-catching and easy look.

Grey to blonde ombre
Grey to light blonde ombre

Basic hair care products like hair oil or conditioner are more than enough to handle this color scheme.  

Dark grey ombre

Dark grey ombre is a mysterious look that gives the illusion of thicker hair. Normally, bright hair colors like platinum blonde or silver blonde, even though they are gorgeous, take away the volume of the hair. Dark grey can fix the problem. It is not a 100% deep dark tone and it isn’t too bright either. Dark grey is a good balance that marks the thickness of the hair while owning the modern smoky look of 2021. So, if blonde is not your taste, why not go with dark grey?

Dark grey ombre
Dark ombre gray hair

Dark grey hair needs purple shampoo to keep it cool and glamorous.

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Blue grey ombre hair

Blue grey is a trendy color that has taken the internet by storm in 2021. It is the perfect shade for cool skin ladies. The best way to rock this hairstyle is to curl it in beachy waves. Even though flat ironed hair is bomb as well but the waves have a smooth flow and offer a better color transition. These colors are not picky when it comes to hair length. On pixie cut, bob cut or long wavy hair, etc., blue and grey are a young and fun couple that satisfies every taste.

Blue grey ombre hair
Brown to blue grey ombre hair
Grey to pastel blue ombre hair

Blue is on the list of crazily vibrant hair colors and it also loses the vibrancy quicker than subtle hair colors. Blue will eventually fade into a green or turquoise shade that isn’t flattering. To avoid this possibility of bad hair day, ladies should make great use of blue shampoo. Its components include blue pigment that will keep blue hair vivid.

Dark brown to grey ombre

Dark brown to grey also is a voluminous look. Dark brown remains a natural color while grey adds a fun twist to the look. The colors belong to the vintage era. With tightly curled hair and a touch of red lipstick, the lady achieves the vintage look effortlessly. On the other hand, atheistically speaking, dark brown to grey ombre slims down the face and emphasizes the beauty of every natural facial feature. Dark hair color works like a subtle base for the facial features to pop up. Want to show your natural beauty? Trust dark brown to grey ombre hair.

Dark brown hair with gray ombre
Dark brown to grey long hair
Dark brown to grey ombre

Purple grey ombre hair

2021 needs its purple and grey ombre hair. This color combination is peculiar because it compliments both pale and warm skin. Grey is rather an ashy tone but purple, on the other hand, is quite neutral. It brings out the best side of every skin undertone and highlights the face perfectly. Don’t get surprised if your smile seems more radiant than ever in this hairstyle.

Brown to grey purple ombre
Grey to purple ombre hair
Purple and gray ombre with highlight

Silver grey ombre

Trendy, modern and urban. These are the words that describe this hair color the best. Silver and grey are futuristic shades and they propose the exact vibe. With this hairstyle, ladies own a fantastical look that is 100% applicable in daily life. Bringing fantasy to a mundane day can’t be easier.

Black to silver grey ombre
Brown to silver grey ombre
Silver grey ombre

However, ladies should take good care of silver and grey ombre hair since these shades fade rapidly. Purple shampoo is the lifesaver that keeps this futuristic look fresh and flowy.

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Smokey grey ombre hair

Smokey grey is the ultimate 2021 hairstyle that no one should miss out on. Smokey hair colors are tricky to keep up with but they are so attractive that every hard work is worth the while. Smokey grey is at its best state when being paired with other smoky hair colors like pink, blue or dark green. These combos are sensational on medium to long hair. Adding beachy waves to them also is a wonderful option.

Dark purple to smokey grey
Dark to smokey grey ombre hair
Smokey grey ombre hair

Grey ombre short hair

Grey ombre looks best on short hair when cooperating with black roots. And the grey tone should be very light. If not, the hair will look like it is losing the youth. If done right, the final look can be described as spooky, badass and show stopper. Depending on the shortness of the hair, the vibe varies from cool to cute. If you want a badass look, go for shorter hair and vice versa. Another great thing about this hair color is that it goes with every outfit. At the same time, the outfits are boosted to look even cooler.

Black to grey ombre short hair
Brown to silver grey ombre short hair
Grey to blue ombre short hair

It is safe to say that grey hair is in a healthy relationship with purple shampoo. And extra moisturizer helps as well.

Grey ombre long hair

Long hair always is a recommendable length for the ombre technique to perform its magic. The length allows a liberal space for the colors to merge together beautifully. Also, long hair has a romantic and flowy appearance while grey ombre color twists it into something cooler and more modern. Mix and match grey with any color to achieve a bomb ombre long hair.

Brown icy blue long hair
Grey ombre long hair
Grey ombre long hair with black roots

Here are 35+ ways that modern ladies use to style grey ombre hair. The world is in love with smoky hair colors and everyone understands why. Smoky hair is easy to wear, easy to match with outfits and is more modern than any hair-coloring technique that you have seen. Try the style now and catch up with the trends.

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