How to get rid of cockroaches

How to get rid of cockroaches – 6 Easy ways

Cockroaches are one of the greatest nightmares. These creatures are everywhere. They can be crawling under your bed right now or picking which plate on the table they should eat. Cockroaches breed quickly in a massive number. If you don’t act quickly, your house will be swamped with these insects. In this article, we will show you the habits of cockroaches and how to get rid of them.

Habits of cockroaches

Getting to know the habits of cockroaches allows you to track down these creatures and kill them from the root. You can also use their favorite foods to your advantage. So what are the habits of cockroaches?

Where do they live?

Cockroaches live in every corner. They usually pick narrow spaces. They can even break into the house through a crack in the wall. So you should expect to see them everywhere. But overall, their favorite spots are dark, dry, nothing too humid. Kitchen stands, drawers, under the closet, etc. are some of the places that we find the most cockroaches.

If you want to kill them from their lairs, remember these spots when you prepare the ingredients to get rid of them.

What do they eat?

Cockroaches have a versatile palate. They are omnivores so technically they eat everything, from plants to meats, even dead meats. But they do have favorite dishes. Cockroaches are attracted to starches and sweets. So if on a nice day you leave a loaf of sweet bread outside, don’t be surprised by the number of cockroaches that gather around it.

Cockroaches eat

Other than that, you can spot cockroaches eating vegetables and meats that have seated outside for a while. But in case you want to use food to draw them in a spot, consider sweetbreads a wonderful choice.

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How to get rid of cockroaches

These are the methods to get rid of cockroaches. Some require ingredients that you can easily find at home. Some take more effort. Check them out.

Naphthalene balls

Naphthalene balls are the go-to options for people who don’t want to deal with cockroaches directly. All you need are some of this product, scatter them around the house and that’s done. Cockroaches are afraid of the strong scent of Naphthalene balls. And those that take a bite of these colorful tiny balls die after a few minutes.

Not just cockroaches, Naphthalene balls are effective against other home invaders like rats, flies, lizards, etc. So double the efficiency of the work with Naphthalene balls.

Naphthalene balls

However, if you have small kids living in the house, this method isn’t ideal. Naphthalene balls are very colorful and they always have glitter in them. It is very questionable why such toxic products are so beautifully designed. But the point is that children can mistake them for candy. Therefore, we don’t recommend this to parents with small children running around, putting everything in their mouths.

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Minty fragrance

Everything that has to do with mint is irritating to cockroaches. You can get a mint tree, mint oil or simply buy a small pack at the market. The fragrance of mint can chase away cockroaches. Also, mosquitoes and flies don’t enjoy this scent either. So you are now free from at least 3 types of insects.

We recommend that you buy mint oil and use it with an essential oil vaporizer. The vaporizer can be used for a lot of things, not just for chasing away cockroaches. You can use it with lavender oil to get deeper sleep. Or, if you love a good mojito on a Friday night, buy a mint tree instead.

Bay leaves

Bay leaves are famous for their strong scent and flavor. 2 or 3 bay leaves can already change the taste of a meal. So needless to say, they have a huge impact on cockroaches.

To chase away cockroaches with bay leaves, you have to muddle the leaves with water to get as much essence as possible. Then mix it with water and clean the house with it. From the floor to the smallest corner, cover the house in the fragrance of bay leaves. The cockroaches will run away as quickly as they can.

Bay leaves

Don’t mix the bay leave water with any liquid floor cleaner unless it is unscented. In order for the aroma of bay leaves to work the best, you shouldn’t mess with the scent by adding a pleasant smell.

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Clean with bleach

Bleach is the best at eliminating germs and uninvited guests. A clean house equals fewer insects. When you clean with bleach, you leave the house in a light chemical smell that has a huge impact on small insects.

When you encounter a cockroach, pour some bleach over it if you have the chance. It will quickly die because of the toxic substance. But overall, make sure that you clean the house with bleach when you notice these creatures more than usual.

Smelly onion

The smell of onion can chase away cockroaches as well. Cut an onion into small rings and scatter them around the house where you find the most cockroaches. They will abandon their spots right away.

Smelly onion

So far, this is the method that we dislike the most since it makes the house smell unpleasant. But if you don’t have any other material in hand, onions will help.

Insect repellent spray

Quick, efficient and cheap, insect repellent spray gets the job done in seconds. Always have a bottle of this in your house. Not just when you encounter a cockroach, you can spray the favorite spots for insects inside of your house. That is how you keep them from invading your space in the first place.

Final thoughts

Getting rid of cockroaches is an easy task, but killing all of them is harder than rocket science. If you find your house to be invaded by these creatures, don’t hesitate and contact the insect control team. They will get rid of more than the cockroaches. If not, you can use our methods to chase away these uninvited guests.