How to get rid of fruit flies with lemon

How to get rid of fruit flies with lemon

If your home is currently invaded by fruit flies, you have to get rid of them quickly. Fruit flies have common habits like gathering around ripe fruit or breeding in humid areas. These habits will tell us how to get rid of these insects. If you are wondering if it is necessary to kill every single one of these bugs and destroy their lairs, then the answer is yes. Why? These insects are not lethal right? Guess you will have to find out with us.

Habits of fruit flies

Where they live

Fruit flies usually breed in humid areas like drains or they can even lay eggs on top of their favorite meal: fruits. This characteristic is very common among insects. In the house, you can find many types of insects, from mosquitoes to gnats. Fruit flies are just one of them.

What they consume

The important part about fruit flies is that they only consume fruits, alcohol, rice and some energy drinks. This already makes fruit flies more pleasant than flies since the other insects usually land on disgusting things, like poop. However, this doesn’t make fruit flies non-harmful since they are still born in dirty spots and carry harmful threats around.

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Their affection over human’s health

Fruit flies’ existence doesn’t do much to human health. But the foods that they have touched are inedible. Fruit flies lay eggs on rotten or ripe fruits that we leave on the table or the kitchen stand. And it is not a good idea to consume anything with insects’ eggs on top of it.

Other than that, fruit flies don’t bite. They don’t cause infection or allergic reactions, simply because they don’t attack humans directly. But there are other types of insects that are similar to fruit flies that bite people. Gnats are the most common ones.

fruit flies

How to get rid of fruit flies with lemon

Using lemon is one of the easiest ways to trap fruit flies. But keep in mind that this trick only traps the insects, not kills them. There are many ways to build a trap. We will show you some basics.

Old plastic container with a cover

First, you have to choose a lemon, preferably ripe or rotten, green lemon won’t work as good as other types. Cut the lemon into thick slices and leave them in the plastic container. You can rube the slice around the container so the juice can burst in a stronger scent.

Now, use a knife and cut a small line or a small hole through the cover of the container. This will be the gate through which the fruit flies will enter the trap. It is crucial that the cut is small enough so that the flies can’t get out as easily as they get in.

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Simply leave the slices of lemon inside and wait until you gather enough fruit flies. Then you can decide how to kill these invaders.

Ceramic or glass container with plastic wrap

Plastic wrap is more convenient since it is easier to handle. You can poke tiny holes for the fruit flies to get in but they won’t be able to get out. Place some slices of lemon in a ceramic or crystal cup. Then, wrap the mouth of the cup with plastic wrap. Finally, poke some holes through the wrap. You should use a cup made of ceramic or glass because these are the only materials that plastic wrap clings to.

In conclusion, getting rid of fruit flies with lemon is super easy. The method doesn’t require many ingredients and it is guaranteed to work.

However, lemon is not the most effective material to draw the attention of these flying sweet tooth. Fruit flies are also called vinegar flies, so vinegar must have a strong effect on these insects. And it does. Check out other methods that we are about to show you.

Other ingredients to trap fruit flies with

Other than lemon, there are tons of things you can use to trap fruit flies. Fruit flies’ favorite foods are: ripe and rotten fruits, beer, wine, soda, rice and some other stuff.

1. First, you can fake the scent of fruits with vinegar and sugar. This mixture will draw the fruit flies in easily. But to make sure that the flies can’t crawl out, you need to mix it with water and dish soap. The final substance will be like quicksand. No fly can escape this trap.

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2. Second, use wine or beer. Fruit flies enjoy gathering around a cup of beer that has been sitting around for a while. Choose room-temperature beer since cold isn’t appealing to any type of insect. Cover the cup with a plastic wrap with holes and there you go, a perfect trap for the drinkers.

3. Third, lure the flies with a bowl of rice. Fruit flies despite cold, but too much heat isn’t ideal for them either. So make sure that you use leftover rice for this trap. The method is the same as the others, just change the main ingredient with rice. The reason why rice attracts fruit flies is that this starch is sweet. So it resembles fruits in some ways.

4. Finally, you can switch lemon with other fruits that attract the most fruit flies. From our experience, bananas are the most effective. They go off quickly and easily, and every time it does, it draws swamps of fruit flies. So we definitely recommend using bananas.

How to kill the trapped fruit flies

Trapping them is easy, now you have to kill them. The easiest way is to use insect repellent spray. All you have to do is spray through the holes. And while you are at it, check humid areas like in the shower, the trashcan or the sink. These are insects’ favorite spots.

These are the most effective methods to deal with fruit flies. The beauty of the traps is that they gather the flies in one spot so you can exterminate as much as possible in one go. Spraying around randomly is much faster, but you only kill a small number of them. Check out these traps before you use the spray.