How to get rid of hiccups easily – 8 simple ways

Hiccups are annoying and even though they don’t last for too long, they are still a pain to deal with. But, do you know the cause of hiccups? Knowing how your body works will help you treat a hiccup attack easier. With this article, we will show you how hiccups are formed in a brief way and we will provide you with many easy-to-do methods. Most of these methods don’t even require special ingredients. So you should definitely check this one out.

Why you get hiccup?

Hiccups occur because of unusual contractions in the airway. To be more specific, under the lungs is diaphragm, a respiratory muscle that constantly contracts. And when it contracts out of rhythm, the airway (where the vocal cord is) close suddenly and a blast of air rush into the lungs. The sudden rushes of air are what cause hiccups after hiccups.

To stop getting hiccups, we can’t treat the diaphragm, but we can affect it in a chain of reactions. Starting with the airway. Since the sudden closes of the airway causes the reaction, we have to keep it open longer to get rid of hiccups. And that is the foundation for our methods: Open the airway.

The causes of hiccups

Actions that cause hiccups

So now you understand the scientific reason behind hiccups. But what actions cause the abnormal contractions of the diaphragm? Below you can find some common causes of hiccups:

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·       Being scared suddenly

·       Over eating or drinking

·       Swallowing too much air while you are eating (happens regularly when you eat a bite too small or too big)

·       Suffering rapid changes of temperate when the weather suddenly becomes too hot or too cold in one day

·       Diseases

How to get rid of hiccup

Breath in a paper bag

We believe this is the method that anyone should try first. All you need is a paper bag. When you breathe in a paper bag, you start to produce CO2. Our body needs oxygen, not CO2, so it will start to respond to the lack of oxygen. The vocal cords will open longer so more air can enter. Eventually, the un-rhythmical contractions will stop in the diaphragm. This is the main method to get rid of hiccups.

The man breath in a paper bag

Drink water

Drinking water is a traditional method. It is claimed that the cold water reset the steady contractions of the diaphragm. You need to drink a lot of water, a small cup won’t do. But you can drink in big sips or separate in small sips.

Some say that the right way to cure hiccups with water is to drink it when you bend down so the water goes upward through your vocal cord. There isn’t any scientific proof but you can try both ways to find out which works best for you.

The Woman drinking water

Inhale deep and maintain it

Another method to open the airway. When you inhale deeply, your body naturally has to let the path open for air to come in. This method is somewhat similar to breathing in a paper bag. But overall, we believe that a paper bag will help you control the flow better. But if you feel lightheaded easily because of the lack of air, then inhale deeply and maintain it is less uncomfortable.

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A spoon of sugar

Swallowing a spoon of sugar can reduce the symptoms of hiccups. Many people have tried and confirmed that sugar helps get rid of hiccups. Sugar stimulates the vagus nerve which connects the brain to the stomach. And when the vagus nerve gets stimulated at the other position, the abnormal contractions in the other end, aka the diaphragm, are neglected and so regain their normal form and activity.

A spoon of sugar

Other ways to stimulate the vagus nerve:

·       Sticking tongue far out of the mouth

·       Stimulate the hard palate of the mouth with your tongue

·       Ticking the inside of your ears

·       Gargling water

A spoonful of honey

This remedy is similar to sugar. They have the same effect and work the same way. Honey stimulates the vagus nerve at the side of the neck and go straight down. If you don’t like the unnatural sweet taste of sugar, try honey.

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If you don’t like sweet stuff in general, mix honey with water and combine the use of honey and with sips of water to open the airway.

Get scared by someone

This trick sounds ridiculous but it works like a charm. A sudden scare causes the hiccups but it can also chase them away. With this method, you need help from another person. All you have to do is keep talking to each other and your friend suddenly shouts at you. That way you can tell that the shock is coming but you aren’t sure when. So even though it’s predictable, the method still has results.

Peanut butter help

Peanut butter is sweet and sometimes grainy so it can stimulate the vagus nerve as well. It relieves the constant contractions of the diaphragm and sets a slower and more rhythmical pace. Swallow a small spoon of peanut butter slowly to help relieve the symptoms of hiccups. Repeat if it doesn’t disappear on the first try.

Medicine for persistent symptoms

Sometimes hiccups don’t come from a sudden change. It can be a sign of an internal disorder. In this case, you have to consult a doctor. But the most common medicines that doctors prescribe for hiccups are: Chlorpromazine, baclofen, gabapentin or prochlorperazine. Baclofen and Chlorpromazine are the two most common and effective medicines for long-term hiccups.


Final thoughts

So there are a lot of ways to get rid of hiccups. Some are caused by external interaction in the first place but some can be related to certain types of diseases. If the cause is from outside, you can take advantage of the methods that we provided. But if you regularly suffer from hiccups, we recommend that you have a health check. Hopefully, with our methods, you have succeeded in escaping from annoying hiccups.