How to get rid of lizards

How to get rid of lizards with stuff you can find at home

There are two reasons why people want to get rid of lizards: these reptiles look like they come out from the worst nightmare or there are too many of them. These reptiles can give people a good jumpscare when they suddenly drop from the ceiling. And since almost every household doesn’t use any type of cover on top of the bed, it is 99.9% possible that one might drop on top of someone at night. To avoid this horrid incident, we will show you 5 most common ways to keep the lizards at bay.

The benefit of lizards

Before getting down to chasing all the lizards away, we want to highlight some benefits of lizards for the house. The case applies only when there is a humble number of lizards.

Lizards’ favorite food is mosquitos and small spiders. If you pay attention, you will find out that households that have lizards have few to zero mosquitos and only some spiders here and there.

Lizard eating spider

Therefore, if you are suffering from mosquitos’ bites. Let the lizards do their job before chasing these reptiles out. In the end, mosquitos and spiders are a real threat to the health and sanitary of your living environment.

The downside to the lizards is that their appearance is unlovable. And it is extremely difficult to leave in a house invaded by dozens of lizards. So at the end of the day, homeowners still have to opt for the hard work and get rid of these sticky creatures.

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How to get rid of lizards

If you know the benefits of lizards but still need to get rid of them, this section is dedicated to you. There are 5 ways to eliminate the reptiles, some methods last longer than others. There are pros and cons that come with each remedy. Choose one that works best for you.

Insect repellent spray

Insect repellent spray can terminate and chase away many types of insects. But commonly, it has the greatest effect against mosquitos, cockroaches, ants and other small insects. But insect repellent spray can get rid of lizards as well.

How does “bug spray” get rid of reptiles? The chemical will make the environment toxic for the lizards to live in and result in a shorter lifespan. That’s why these reptiles will slowly retreat from the spot where you spray the chemical.

The other reason is that when you spray a room, you are killing the mosquitos and the small spiders yourselves. In other words, you are cutting the food source for lizards. They will have to go somewhere else to feed. And so they retreat.

What type of insect repellent spray do we recommend? Every portable type works good enough. But to ensure that your house is 90% insect-free forever, hire professionals to do a deep spray. That way, you will only have to deal with them once and you are free for almost forever.

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Cleaning with bleach

Houses with too many pieces of furniture and humid corners are perfect spots for insects and lizards to live in. So a clean house equals fewer of these creatures.

All you have to do is a bit of bleach into a bucket of water and wipe every surface with this mixture. Not only does water with bleach will leave a light chemical smell that scares lizards away, it will also disinfect the surface. This feature is very convenient, especially during the time of Covid.

Cleaning with bleach

Remember, a clean and breathable house is not the ideal environment for unwanted guests to develop. So take care of your living space and these creatures will be less likely to annoy you.


This method is very exciting to try. You can put two halves of eggshells where you find most lizards. The eggshells will kick in and chase the unwanted guests away.

Make sure that you don’t break the eggshell into many small pieces. And don’t clean the shell thoroughly either. It is best to keep a bit of egg white for better effect.

But does this method really work? And how? There are 2 theories around the function of eggshells. Some people say that the eggshells smell bad so the lizards try to stay away from them. But others say that the broken eggshells look intimidating for lizards since from the size of the shells, the lizards can perceive them as shells of a bigger predator.

Naphthalene balls

Naphthalene balls are highly functional. These small balls can chase every insect away and they are lethal to lizards and rats too. Place some Naphthalene balls around the house and cockroaches, lizards, rats won’t enter.

However, there is a downside to this method. If you have small children in the house, this method is not suitable. Naphthalene balls are very colorful. There are types that look white, but the common feature of these products is that they look very pretty despite being lethal.

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Smelly spices (pepper, onion, garlic, etc.)

There are a lot of spices with a strong scent that you can use to get rid of lizards. Pepper, onion, garlic or chili powder are spices that work the best.

For pepper and chili powder, all you have to do is sprinkle some around the areas where lizards pass the most. Since lizards crawl through the surface, they can get very irritated with the spice.

For onion and garlic, it requires more work. You have to extract the juice of these spices first and then spray it on important spots of the house. The strong smell of onion and garlic is hard to bear. And it can burn the skin of the lizards, which scare them away.

Chili powder

The downside to this method is that it is very messy and it leaves the house in an unpleasant smell. So we recommend that you try other methods first. They are better for the sanitary and the health of family members.

Final thoughts

We have shown you 5 methods to chase lizards away. Try and you will no longer see these reptiles around. Make sure that you consider every aspect like health, family members, children, etc. That way you can work with which is best for you.