How to get rid of stink bugs

How to get rid of stink bugs – 6 easy ways

It is impossible not to notice the smell of stink bugs. If you don’t get rid of them quickly, the smell will affect your life quality. There are many ways to chase them away or kill them. We are going to show you the easiest and most effective methods. Also, there are many things that people don’t know about stink bugs. Like how they affect human life and where you can find these creatures in your house. Get to know everything about stink bugs, it will make your life much easier.

Damages that stink bugs cause

First of all, don’t smash it. When you encounter a stink bug, the smell of the bug is agonizing. But if you smash it, the smell won’t be cut off suddenly like flicking a switch. Smacking a stink bug will release all the smell in its body. So you have to kill them or chase them out in other ways.

Stink bugs mostly hang around areas with many trees, but indoors, you can find them where wood furniture is present. Stink bugs don’t attack humans normally, but there are species that bite and leave some light symptoms. You can experience headaches, tiredness, swollen bite, light fever, dizziness, etc. These are the conditions that a person will go through with a “vampire” stink bug.  

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How to get rid of stink bugs

There are many natural ways to get rid of stink bugs. We are going to give you a great variety of methods to trap, chase away or kill stink bugs. You will be surprised with what you can use to get rid of these bugs.


Many bugs are afraid of the minty fragrance. Mosquitoes, flies, stink bugs, etc. are all afraid of mint. If you want to chase stink bugs away, buy a mint tree and place it where you find most of these bugs. You can even make use of the tree and create fresh drinks and flavorful meals.


Oil vaporizer is another option. Mint trees face the risk of being attacked by rats, but rats don’t care about oil vaporizer. You can constantly spread the refreshing minty fragrance around the house. No bugs will attack your household from now on. There is no downside to this method, so you definitely try it out.


The smell of garlic is very strong. It irritates many species of bugs. To get rid of stink bugs, muddle 10-15 garlic cloves to extract the essence of garlic. Then, mix the essence with water.

Now, spray the mixture around the house where you encounter the most stink bugs. The bugs will stay far away from these areas. You can substitute garlic with onions. But the effect isn’t as outstanding. Overall, insects are afraid of spices with a strong smell. Even though stink bugs are smelly themselves, they still are no match to these spices.


However, since garlic is so smelly and hard to clean, the house will be left in the smell of garlic for a few days if you don’t clean it with special products. So if you want to avoid the hard work, we don’t recommend this method.

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Dish soap and water

All you need is dish soap and water. Mix them in 1:9 ratio with water being the major ingredient. Spray it directly on the stink bugs or areas where you encounter them. It will kill these smelly invaders in no time.

This method is multifunctional. Not only stink bugs but also other insects are afraid of dish soap with water. Fruit flies, gnats, even lizards don’t want to mess with this substance.

The downside of this method is that you have to clean up thoroughly later. Since dish soap is very slippery, it can be dangerous if there are children playing around.

Glue trap

Glue traps are classic. They are very effective against flies. But stink bugs are easy to be trapped as well. If you have worked in a bakery before, you know that insects are the worst nightmare. With a single glue trap, you can catch hundreds of flies per day.

It is 100% guaranteed that insects can’t break free from the glue trap. So if you are having a hard time dealing with stink bugs, mosquitoes and flies, get some sticky glue trap.

Glue trap

Warning: If you are raising a pet, avoid this method. We have experienced the progress of removing a glue trap from a cat. It is agonizing.

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An unexpected method that no one thinks will work, but it does. Hairspray can harden your hair to the point that if you go outside during a windstorm, it won’t budge. This works the same for stink bugs. If you encounter a stink bug and you have hairspray in hand, don’t hesitate to use it. It will harden the body, wings and legs of stink bugs.

ULV spray

ULV spray means Ultra Low Volume spray. An insect control team can carry out the job. We recommend ULV spray because it gives extra small dews that can enter the smallest corner. The frequency is low so the control is better. Overall, ULV insect spray is long-lasting and will save you from having to deal with most types of insects in the future.

ULV spray

This method is pricey but it is worth the money. But, if it is over your budget, you can just get any regular insect repellent spray. The effect isn’t as impressive as a long-term spray, but it’s quick and cheap.

Final thoughts

Get rid of stink bugs is no easy task, but it is worth the effort. The smell of stinky bugs is more horrible than the smell of an armpit after 3 hours in the gym. So you know it is bad. The bugs also leave a smell on objects, they don’t just carry it with them, they spread it around. Also, stink bugs are quite big so it can be scary for other members of the house. So, get rid of them as soon as possible. Good luck!