How to make Yorkshire puddings

How to make Yorkshire puddings

Wondering what sweets you should make for this Sunday? Why don’t you learn how to make Yorkshire puddings? This recipe is very simple and it requires few ingredients. To make a batch of 8 large puddings, you only have to spend 30 minutes to 1 hour, maximum. But there is a lot of art in the making of Yorkshire puddings. We will instruct you on how to make the best batch of these rustic sweets for you and your family.

Prepare the ingredients for 8 large Yorkshire puddings

To make 8 big size Yorkshire puddings, you need to prepare 5 ingredients only. You need:

·       Vegetable oil or fat

·       3-4 large eggs

·       130g of plain flour

·       150-200ml of whole milk

·       Salt

Prepare 5 ingredients

How to bake Yorkshire puddings step by step

Step 1: Prepare the tray. Add some oil or fat to it.

Prepare the tray with some fat

Step 2: Put it in the oven and heat it at 220 degrees Celsius or 428 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes. Make sure you turn off the heating after this time limit to avoid smoking the oil or fat in the tray. And don’t open the oven at all costs.

Heat the tray

Step 3: Add all the flour and 1tps of salt into a bowl then add milk. Whisk the mixture quickly. You don’t have to do this step thoroughly.

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Step 4: Add the eggs and whisk until it has a smooth and liquid texture. You shouldn’t leave any lump in the batch.

Mixing the ingredients

Step 5: Leave the batch to sit for at least 30 minutes in the fridge or 1 hour at room temperature. Usually, we recommend leaving it at room temperature for a few hours. But if you run short on time, 30 minutes – 1 hour is sufficient.

Step 6: Take your batter. Open the oven and pull the tray outward to avoid burning your hand, but don’t take the tray out completely because this will cool the tray and the oil.

Poured into molds cake

Step 7: Divide the batter into 8 cups in the trays, quickly.

Step 8: Bake for 15 minutes at 220⁰C. Watch to see if the batter rises enough or not.


Step 9: Serve Yorkshire puddings with your protein of choice.

Special tips on baking Yorkshire puddings

1. Add half a tablespoon of salt if you want to enhance the flavor

It is well-known to the world of bakers that salt is a wonderful enhancer of flavor. Its mission is to boost the freshness and delicious taste of the batter without making the cakes too sweet. For Yorkshire puddings, this is an important detail since Yorkshire puddings shouldn’t be sweet. The original taste of this fun bread is mild and it belongs to the salty side.

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How much salt should you add? When you make a batch for 8 large Yorkshire puddings, add 1tps of salt. The flavor of the puddings can be greatly enhanced. But more salt doesn’t mean more flavor’s efficiency. Despite being a salty type of bread, it shouldn’t be too salty. The reason? This is a side dish to accompany other foods.

2. Use fat if you can

Scientifically, fat can bear more heat than oil. On high temperature, oil can produce a harmful element that can cause heart attack and cancer if consumed for a long time. If you eat clean, this is a big no. Fat, on the other hand, can handle much more heat than cooking oil. For frying, it is more recommendable to use fat. And for stir-frying, you can use oil.

In the case of Yorkshire puddings, you have to heat the tray with oil/fat for 15 minutes at 220⁰C. The burning point of pig’s fat is 480⁰C and that of oil is lower than fat. So using fat guarantees a healthier batch of puddings.

3. Use sunflower oil if you don’t have animal’s fat

Basically there is no specification for the ingredients except for the vegetable oil. You can choose any kind, from sunflower oil, olive oil to other less common types like coconut oil or canola oil. But we recommend sunflower oil the most. If you only have olive oil, this one is an adequate ingredient too, but there is a certain smell to it.

Sunflower oil

Overall, sunflower has a neutral taste, there is not much to it. So by using this type of oil, you don’t add any smell from the oil to the puddings. On the contrary, if you want the puddings to taste and have a fragrance of the oil, you can choose oils with stronger taste, like coconut oil. For coconut oil we recommend the refined type. The refines type’s burning point is higher than virgin coconut oil.

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4. Let the batter sit and it will rise

This is one of the two factors that can affect the rise of the puddings. Yorkshire puddings are very famous for their look. A Yorkshire pudding should rise like a soufflé, but they have a sunken hole in the middle. After mixing the batter, you must let it sit and rest at room temperature for at least 30 minutes. If you have time, leave it for a few hours. But overall, 1 hour is a good amount of time for the batch to sit.

5. Keep in mind the oven’s heat so the batter can rise high

Before baking, you have to set the heat of the oven and “bake” the tray with oil or fat. The sizzling oil/fat later combines with the high surrounding temperature of the oven and the tray will make the cool batter rise high like a soufflé.

Also, it is important not to open the oven for too long after heating it. The right way to make Yorkshire puddings is to pipe the batter in the tray when it’s in the oven. That way you won’t remove the tray from the oven for too long and make it lose temperature, which costs the perfect rise of the puddings.

Very easy isn’t it? With our recipe, you can make 8 big Yorkshire puddings for your family to enjoy on the weekend. Make sure that you follow the steps and pay attention to the tips. The recipe assures a good batch, but our tips guarantee a great one. We hope that you succeed on the first try!