How to open a coconut

How to open a coconut with and without husk

Coconuts are refreshing fruits that provide you with sweet juice and crunchy meat. This fruit can be used to get drinks but you can also cook with it. There are so many benefits of coconut. But the first step is to open it. We know it’s easy to find an opened coconut in a supermarket. But if you want fresh, natural and high-quality products, you will look for unopened ones. We are going to show you how to open them, with or without husk.

Types of husk

We divide the types of husk depending on the ripeness of the fruit itself. Young coconuts have the husk stick close to the coconut skull. Old coconuts have big but sparse husk that is easy to remove.

Species of coconuts in Asia usually are round, the husk is thin and so it is harder to remove from the shell. Other types of coconut which you can find in other parts of the world usually are long and dry out to have sparse husk. This characteristic can make a big difference in the progress of opening a coconut.

Dry husks are very easy to remove. You need a mock hammer or any sharp pointy object to break through the outside layer of the husk. Breakthrough and pull the husks. They will come off smoothly.

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How to open a thin husk coconut

Step 1: First, you cut off the husk on the top part as close to the skull as possible. This method works with young coconuts only.

Step 1

Step 2: Tilt your knife slightly and chop down the top area of the coconut.

Step 3: Continue the step while you rotate the coconut so you are cutting a circle.

Step 3

Step 4: Remove the top and pour the juice into a cup.

Step 5: Place the fruit in vertical and chop down real hard. Continue until it breaks in half. Clearly, you are not removing the husk with this method since the coconut is young and not worth the effort.

Step 6: Now you can enjoy the meat of the coconut.

How to open a coconut without husk

If there is coconut water in it

Step 1: First you have to take out the water before crack open the hard shell. Every coconut has three “eyes” on the top. And one of the eyes is soft enough to break.

Step2: You can use a knife, a wine opener or any pointy object which is hard enough to break through the skull and drill through the hole.

Break through the skull

Step 3: Now you can pour the water out. The coconut is ready to be opened.

Step 4: Use a thick and big Chinese knife to crack open the shell at the equator line.

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If there is no coconut water in it

Step 1: Mark the “equator” of the coconut. You can use chalk to draw a guideline. If you are sure of your chopping skill, then you don’t have to do this step. Just identify the position of the horizontal line.

Step 2: Hold the coconut firmly on top of your hand. The fingers must spread around the coconut but shouldn’t pass the middle line too far. If the fingers are too far up, it means that the coconut skull is small and it is more dangerous to crack it open.

Step 3: Use the back of a bone chopper knife and hit the middle line hard. Rotate the coconut and keep hitting the middle line. This part of the coconut is the weakest and it is easier to crack the fruit open horizontally than vertically.

Use knife crack the coconut

Step 4: Repeat until the coconut breaks in half.

What you can do with coconut water and meat

Coconut water and meat can be used for cooking or special drinks. You don’t have to eat them like they originally are. Many cuisines in the world favor the taste of coconut. There are simple dishes and elaborated dishes. We will introduce you to some easy recipes that use coconut water and coconut meat.

Boiled corns Nigerian style

Prepare the corns. Make sure that you remove the coat of the corns but keep the silks. The silks give the water a corn flavor.

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Use coconut water to boil the corn, add a little bit of salt to boost the flavor. Finally, take the corn out and sprinkle some grated coconut meat on top of the corn. If you don’t enjoy grated coconut, simply slice the coconut meat in thin strips and eat the pieces with corn.

Boiled corns and coconut water

This simple recipe makes boiled corn more flavorful. Instead of tasting plain, corn now packs a punch to their aroma and taste.

Coconut mojito

A fresh drink for Friday night, why not? The ingredients that you need are: white rum, soda, lime juice, mint, coconut cream, ice and coconut water.

To make coconut mojito is simple. First you have to grind the ice to give the mojito a final smooth and thick texture.

Next you have to muddle the fresh mint leaves. That way you will release the extract of the mint to add a bursting flavor to the mojito.

Now you add white rum, coconut cream, and the extract of ground mint into a shaker and you shake them with whole cube ice. Then strain

Add ground ice, coconut water, soda and stir.

Coconut mojito

Top the drink with beautiful fresh mint leaves. And you have a coconut flavor mojito to enjoy on a Friday night. What a great way to relax and enjoy your free time.

We have shown you how to open a coconut with and without the husk. It sure is a difficult task but the result of the hard work is amazing. You know you are consuming fresh and natural juice without conservation. There are many ways to enjoy coconut water and meat. We have given two simple and quick recipes to make the most of fresh coconut. Don’t hesitate to try a coconut mojito or a Nigerian boiled corn. You will be surprised by the taste of coconuts.