How to remove gum from carpet

How to remove gum from carpet

Having gum stuck on hair, clothes or carpet is not a fun experience. Removing gum off of objects is an extremely difficult task. But after trying some home remedies, we have found the cure for this problem. All you need are some ingredients that you can easily find at home and you will be able to get rid of the disgusting gum. Check out this article, we save the best for last.

Prepare the area

Before we show you how to get rid of gum from carpet, you need to prepare the area first. There are some do and don’t that we would like to highlight.


First, cover the area around the gum with plastic bags or papers so that when you scrape the gum off the carpet, these things will handle the gum. This step will make sure that you don’t smear the gum all over the place in the process.

Second, it is not obligatory but it is a good idea to clean the dust and hair around the carpet so that the gum won’t become more “ew” than it already is.


First, don’t heat the gum with a hairdryer. This will make the gum melt and become stickier. That is why gum that sits under the sun still sticks to people’s shoes. Overall, avoid heating the gum at all costs.

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Second, don’t pull the gum beforehand. Having little gum isn’t necessarily better than having a big chunk of gum. The reason is that it is easier to remove a big chunk than small bits. Also, while pulling the gum, you are risking having gum stuck in other parts as well.

Third, don’t scrape when the gum is still soft. If the gum has hardened, then it is worth the try. But if you scrape the gum when it’s soft, the work is going to be brutal.

Finally, don’t move the carpet around before removing the gum. Avoid smearing the gum all over the place as much as possible.

How to remove gum from a carpet

All-purpose flour

Consider the gum as the batter. Now you need to knead the dough. But pro bakers don’t just knead without preparation. They sprinkle some flour over the table so that the batter doesn’t stick to it.

We are going to apply the same method to the gum. To remove gum from the carpet, you need to cover the area around the gum first since using flour is very messy. Then, lift the edge of the gum and throw flour into it. And also sprinkle flour over the top of the gum to smooth it. That way it won’t stick to your hand or tool as easily. Next, keep adding flour until the gum becomes hard and no longer grip the carpet.

This method works 100%. But the downside is that it can get quite messy and you have to clean or wash the carpet later. So consider this an option. You can try other methods first.

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Ice is the ultimate method to remove gum from carpet. All you need is a big block of ice and a zip lock bag. Put the ice into the bag and zip it. Place the bag with ice on top of the gum to chill it so it becomes harder. This trick takes 20 minutes or more.


When the gum hardens, lift it to check if it still holds onto the carpet. If it’s still sticky, wait and try again. It is best to wait until the whole chunk is completely hard so you can remove it once and for all.

The reason why you need a zip lock plastic bag is that they can seal tight. The water from the ice won’t wet the whole carpet. After scraping the gum, you can use a hairdryer to blow dry the spot on the carpet, quickly and easily.


Lubricant removes the gum thanks to its oily and slippery texture, but it also is easy to remove. That’s why we recommend this remedy.

Other than lubricant, there are other types of oil that work just as fine. But we recommend lubricant more because it is transparent, has no color to it and easy to wash. Oils can leave a yellow color on the carpet. This is a big no if it has a bright, cream color.

How do we remove gum using lubricant? Pour some lubricant over the gum and start massaging it into the edges of the gum. Combine smearing lubricant and lifting the gum so it works faster.


With this method, you will need to be patient because you have to work with the remedy constantly. It will take 15 minutes to remove the gum. But there is a high chance of leftover bits. You can use the same method to scrape them off.

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Glue remover

Glue remover can be used to remove gum. If it can wash away super glue, then gum is nothing compared to it. There are some popular types that you can try: Goo Gone Original, Elmer’s Sticky Out or Goof Off Pro Strength. If you don’t want to buy products, you can use acetone if you have it in hand. This nail polish remover can break the gum.

Rubbing alcohol

You can use rubbing alcohol to dissolve the gum. This method is the cleanest and most recommendable. By rubbing the substance into the gum, you are dissolving the sugar composition in the gum and cut off the friction between the gum and the carpet.

Rubbing alcohol

The best part about this method is that you won’t have to suffer from the aftermath. It is totally clean and doesn’t have any smell to it. You can use a blow dryer to dry the spot. It will quickly evaporate since it’s alcohol.

Final thoughts

There you go. 5 easiest ways to remove gum from carpet. Remember to follow the instructions and avoid the “don’t” that we have mentioned above. A clean and beautiful carpet can last for many years. And it is even more important if the carpet has a special design and hard to replace. We hope these methods work like a charm on your carpet.