How to whiten teeth without baking soda

How to whiten teeth without baking soda

A bright smile is the key to leave a good impression on everyone. But what is the key to a bright smile? Many people are shy to smile for having stained yellow teeth. That is why teeth whitening is a matter that every person has once thought about doing. But spending big dough on a dentist is not ideal for everyone. That’s why home remedies or alternative ways of whitening teeth are frequently searched for. In this article, we are going to propose many methods to whiten teeth without having to go to the dentist.

Why people don’t whiten teeth with baking soda anymore

Baking soda is the first home remedy that people think of. Baking soda with lemon juice makes a potent combo for teeth whitening. Being the most effective homemade method, baking soda is still very harmful to the teeth and gum.

Since baking soda is mixed with lemon, the acid in the combination takes off not only the plaque but also the enamel layer of the teeth. So your teeth will become brighter, yes. But, with time, the dentin layer beneath will become more visible since the enamel outside wears off. And the dentin layer is yellow. There is no way you can recover your teeth when the dentin is exposed.

baking soda

This is the reason why we recommend that people don’t try using baking soda to remove the stained color of the teeth. It can leave your teeth very sensitive to foods with strong spices.

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How to whiten teeth

The methods we give you include home remedies and beauty products. Disclaimer: There is always a downside to certain methods. So read carefully to understand the pros and cons of each remedy. We find 4 ways to whiten teeth that really have a brightening effect. They are:

Oil pulling

Oil pulling has been proved to be effective. The ingredient you need for oil pulling is any type of oil like coconut oil, olive oil, sesame oil, etc. You can add a drop of essential oil with mint scent to mask the taste of the oil.

Attention, only apply this method after you wake up and haven’t brushed your teeth. Pour a spoonful or two of oil in your mouth and start rinsing your teeth back and forward. Don’t swallow the oil. Keep rinsing for 15 minutes then spit the dirty oil into a trashcan. Finally, brush your teeth like usual.

Coconut oil pulling

It is claimed that the oil removes bacteria and plaque, two main causes of yellow teeth. This is a natural remedy and doesn’t have much scientific proof, but somehow it works better than common toothpaste. And there is no downside to this method either.

Brushing teeth with whitening toothpastes

Toothpastes manufactured specifically for teeth whitening usually work, but some are marketing tricks to sell more products. We recommend this method to you because we find one marvelous brand that sticks to their claim: Crest. Crest is famous for their teeth whitening products. And consumers have proved that Crest’s whitening toothpaste works.

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Whitening strips

Whitening strips and light took the internet by storm 5 years ago thanks to Kylie Jenner and famous influencers. Whitening strips and light made by Crest are very effective.

Crest whitening strips

The only downside to the strips and light is that they leave your teeth sore after using. The feeling eventually goes away but still an uncomfortable aspect of these products.

Fruits like carrot, apple, pineapple

Quite a controversial method but if you apply it correctly, it can be beneficial. Fruits like apple or pineapple contain acid which is bad for the enamel of the teeth if you consume too much. But with the right amount, they can brighten your smile. Avoid acidic fruits with bright colors like tomato or orange.

Carrot, apple, pineapple

After having lunch or dinner, have a slice of fruits that contain acid to remove the stubborn bits that cling to your teeth. But remember to avoid eating too many sour fruits or you will feel sore in the gum.

How to avoid yellow teeth

It is better to avoid staining your teeth yellow than to whiten them. Some key factors that change the color of the teeth are part of the diet, others have to do with lifestyle. Avoid yellow teeth by not consuming the followings:

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Staining drinks

Red wine, coffee, green or black tea, colored refreshments are the most common drinks that can stain the color of your teeth. Change your habit and choose other drinks that chamomile tea with light color, white wine, Sprite or 7up. The drinks we recommend don’t form a healthy diet, but they don’t affect teeth’ color as much as the other drinks.

Sauces like ketchup or soy sauce

Ketchup and soy sauce are very thick and they have dark colors that can easily stain your teeth. Ketchup is made of tomato, one of the acidic fruits that has bright color that makes teeth yellow. Soy sauce, from its texture and color, you can already tell the consequence of consuming too much of it.


Smoking stains everything, your lungs, your clothes, your teeth. Smoking is an unhealthy habit that dims down the light of a smile. So if you can, reduce smoking. The stain of cigarettes clings the most. People who smoke regularly need to go to the dentist to brighten their teeth. So if your teeth are still in a safe phase, quitting smoking is the best choice, for your health and for your aesthetic.   

No smoking

Final thoughts

There are many ways to whiten yellow teeth. But as we have mentioned, there are some downsides here and there to each method. You really have to look into your teeth condition. If you have sensitive teeth and sore gum, don’t try methods that involve acidic fruits and sore after-feel. Overall, we recommend the oil pulling the most. It is safe, easy and effective. People of all ages can apply this method. Pregnant women don’t have to hold back with this one either. So why don’t you try it out?