Best light purple hair color

50+ Beautiful Light Purple Hair Suggestions That Are Worth To Try

Are you a woman who loves vivid style but doesn’t know how to express that? Letting your hair do that for you is the way to go. Hair can say a lot about a person’s personality. While black, brown, or blonde hair colors are considered the most classic and popular in the world, you still want to have a hair color that truly stands out and fits with your colorful character. 

The color that we recommend to you is light purple. It’s a beautiful color shade and perfect for all types of skin tones, therefore don’t hesitate to try this one out. Down here are 50+ beautiful light purple hair suggestions for you to get inspired from.

Light lavender hair

Just the name can bring you to the beautiful center of France. This is one of the best hair colors that you should try at least once in your life. Lavender is a flower but also a spice. Thus, like the flower, light lavender hair is floral yet still has the spicy aspect in it. The color adds up to your femininity without making it sickly sweet.

Light lavender on blonde hair
Smokey lavender hair

This color is best if you are someone who has light skin with warm undertones since it can bring out the cool shade and complement the warm tone in your skin.

Light violet hair

Do not confuse between lavender and violet. They are different flowers and colors. Violet tends to be darker than lavender, therefore it will be a perfect choice if you have medium or tan skin tone. And there are tons of style options for you to choose from too. Either is ombre or perfectly blended violet, it will surely look stunning on you.

Light violet and platinum
Light violet dark roots
Light violet highlights on brown hair

You can even mix and match different shades of light purple to create depth and dimensions to your hair. Your character will shine bright through this light violet hair and no one will be able to take their eyes off you.

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Light purple ombre hair

This is when you can bring your imagination and creativity to life. Ombre hair has been popular for a long time and there is no sign of it slowing down. It’s easy to understand why people love it so much. It’s beautiful, low-maintenance, and has the ability to disguise the damaged ends instantly. Ombre makes your hair seem thicker and add more dimensions to your overall look.

Light brown to purple ombre
Light purple ombre hair with dark roots
Light purple ombre short hair

And light purple ombre hair is the best recommendation for you. Your personality and character will shine through this bold yet chic hair color.

Light purple highlights

If you don’t want to dye your entire hair but still want to have fun with colors, try highlighting. Highlights are ideal to draw attention to your hair. Besides the common colors like brown or platinum, you can choose a bold color like light purple to make a difference from everyone else.

Blonde hair with light purple highlights
Brown hair with light purple highlights

This color will look great on you no matter what your base hair color is. Black, blonde, red, you name it. The light purple highlights will surely be the “highlight” that no one can resist looking at.   

Dark purple to light purple hair

You do not need super light color covering your entire hair to make people notice you. You can use a good transition from dark to light purple to stand out from others. Plus, if you are a fan of the color purple, this allows you to have different shades of purple in your hair. One is not enough? Now you can have as many shades from dark to light as you want.

Dark purple to light purple hair
Ombre dark to light purple hair

You can even dye your hair in many ways. From ombre, balayage to highlights, the possibilities are endless. One tip that you can apply is to use the darker shade as the base and the lighter shade at the hair ends to build a smooth, well-done transition for your hair.

Light blue and purple hair

This combination is classic and will never out-dated. We all have seen this perfect mix on Instagram or Pinterest at some point in our lives. And there is a good reason for that. The light blue and purple mix brings the youth into your appearance. This mix is the go-to for people who want to have the cute, princessy yet chic, edgy look.

Light blue and purple hair
Light blue and purple ombre

There is one point that mermaid hair dominates the fashion world. And the trend is still making waves even in 2020. But instead of dark, popping colors, you should try out light blue and purple. Light colors are now more in style than ever thanks to the pastel trend. With light blue and purple hair, you are combining trend with trend. People will adore how trendy and stylish you are.

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Light purple grey hair

Grey does not mean old. People used to think grey hair makes you look old and it is a feature of the elderly. That is not true for the modern world today. Grey has become more and more trendy than ever.

Light purple and grey hair
Light purple and grey highlights

It has the power to complement and flatter your skin, regardless of what skin tone you have, which is the common that both purple and grey share. You can use light purple as the highlights or you can create the balayage style with a mixture of two colors. It’s totally up to you.

Light pastel purple hair

Back in the emo era, dark colors are considered the coolest. Now is the time for pastel colors. These belong to a pale family of colors, which means the colors have high value and low saturation.

Light pastel purple balayage hair

Many young people have been obsessed with pastels for the last couple of years. You can see these fun, bright colors literally everywhere. Clothes, shoes, accessories. Everything is pastel. So why not follow the trend but with your hair?

One of the most trendy pastel colors is purple, especially the light shade. When you look into the light pastel purple, it instantly brings you joy and happiness. Therefore, choosing it to be the color of your hair is a terrific idea. Not only will you be the most fashionable person, but you can also spread joy to people around you. 

Light platinum purple pastel

In case no one is looking, which can hardly happen, your purple hair will still bring you joy whenever you see your reflection in the mirror.

Light pink and purple hair

Another iconic duo in the color world is light pink and purple. Remember the time when the Starbucks unicorn drink went viral on social media? The reason why the drink became so popular is because of its eye-catching appearance. Being served with such a beautiful and colorful look like that, no wonder it became the thing that everybody was talking about.

Light pink and purple highlights
Light pink and purple ombre

You can learn a thing or two from this. If you want to draw some attention to yourself or want to express your young spirit, light pink and purple hair will guarantee that. Nothing shows youth and joy more than light, vibrant colors like these two.

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Light purple blonde hair

Just because you already have blonde hair doesn’t mean you can’t have some extra fun with it. Purple goes incredibly well with blonde, especially the lighter shades. Plus, you can dye your hair in different styles, no matter whether it’s ombre or highlights, that blonde hair with the help of light purple will look beyond amazing.

Blonde hair with light purple
Light purple blonde ombre hair

All you have to do is to find the right light shade of purple for your gorgeous blonde to create more dimensions and depth.

Light purple silver hair

Silver hair is one of the hottest trends recently. This fashion trend has been taken on all over the Internet. You can see a lot of celebrities and social media influencers rocking this cold, silvery hair. This color not only brings the badass aspect into people’s look, it even encourages their creativity since it can mix flawlessly with a variety of different colors. One of the best combinations is purple and silver.

Light purple silver hair
Silver hair with light purple highlights

The mixture of these two produces a cool smoky or metallic color which is 100% worth trying. It is one of the best colors to pick if you want to achieve an unusual, edgy, modern look.

Black and light purple hair

This one is ideal for people who want to throw some colors into their beautiful black hair. Light purple goes really well with a black background. With the black hair roots, the light purple color will easily become the center of attention.

Black and light purple hair
Black to light purple ombre hair

Adding such a popping color like light color into your black hair is like combining a modern style with classic look. You have that sophistication in your style and the rare feature that not everybody has at the same time.

Some other beautiful light purple hair colors

So there you go. Above are 50+ beautiful and stylish light purple hair that you should consider trying out if you are looking for a drastic change. Hair is a part of your identity, it can show who you are on the inside from the outside. So if you have a fun and colorful personality, why don’t express that through your hair for people to see?

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