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70+ Ombre Hair Ideas For E-girls And How To Style Them

Ombre hair is the greatest creation in the universe of hairstyles. This hair-coloring technique is involved in many colors and many stylings. It can satisfy the most delicate taste with crazy color combos or show-stopping looks. There are tons of ways to rock ombre hair. It doesn’t matter if your hair is too short or too long, this technique will handle it all. Ombre hair performance changes a lot according to your daily activities. There are colors that work on active sporty girls but not on tranquil indoor ladies. Find out which is the perfect color scheme for you depending on your needs and what are the pros and cons of these colors.

Blonde ombre

Pros: Sporty or not sporty, blonde ombre works just as fine. This is a very popular choice among ladies. Blonde ombre usually consists of blonde ends and dark roots in black, brown or dark blonde. The best way to wear blonde ombre is to pair it with brown roots.

Dark brown to blonde ombre
Light brown to blonde ombre

Brown has a great mechanism of fading into blonde beautifully. Dark blonde also is a good choice. But since it is very close to bright blonde, the combo doesn’t seem very exciting. And, dark root’s color gives the hair a healthier and more voluminous feel. If your original hair color is blonde, this will give the hair a natural but different appearance.

Blonde ombre with dark roots

Cons: If you are a natural brunette, blonde ombre will take your hair through a tough ride. The texture of the hair breaks and dries out after bleaching and it is inevitable. For dark hair, the bleaching is even harsher and “thoroughly”. So to maintain the beauty of blonde ombre on natural brown hair, the lady must cooperate hair moisturizers with a visit to the salon once in a while.

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Balayage ombre

There is not a bad thing to say about Balayage ombre. This is a very natural style that derives from ombre technique. It has a modern vibe to it and is perfect for ladies with tan skin.

Balayage ombre
Balayage ombre hightlights

Balayage doesn’t focus solely on the combination of colors. It still has that fading effect but the center of attention is the ends of the hair. The goal of Balayage ombre is to make the hair look like it is highlighted by natural sunlight.

Warm balayage ombre

Ladies with brown hair love this technique because it is best done on this hair color. And the best part is that it doesn’t damage the hair texture as much as the others. Enjoy a refreshed look without drying the hair.

Brown ombre hair

There are only pros having brown ombre hair. First, it is extremely natural, but not the type of natural that is boring. Brown and blonde are the golden couple. The transition between the two colors is mesmerizing and it’s like a pool of honey. Second, it doesn’t take too much effort to keep up the good work. All you need is to hydrate the hair regularly, or better, daily.

Black to brown ombre
Brown ombre hair blonde
Dark brown to light-brown ombre hair

Brown goes best with warm blonde. And warm blonde doesn’t need any color restoration like platinum blonde. This combo is perfect for both sporty and not-so-sporty ladies. Turn your hair into golden honey color and steal all the glances.

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Red ombre hair

Red means passion and love. Red is for epic and dynamic women. But red doesn’t have to look like fire alarm all the time. With ombre technique, red can be romantic and feminine as well. This color is perfect for ombre hair. It gives a drastic and positive change that many are searching for. Also, red ombre hair is bomb on every skin tone and it lasts very long.

Brown to red ombre short hair
Black to red ombre hair
Red to blonde ombre hair

This color performs the bets when is paired with black roots or light pastel pink ends. With black roots, it is wild and rebellious. With pink ends, it is romantic and flirtatious.

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Blue ombre hair

Pros: Blue hair gives a sense of peace and also mystery. This cool tone enhances the beauty of cool skin. Blue ombre hair has the most perfect appearance in medium or long length. It can team up with black or pink hair. Blue is very vibrant and hard to rock. But there are tricks you may find useful.

Black to blue ombre
Brown to blue ombre with beach waves

The deep blue resembles the color of oceans, so add some waves to it. Wavy medium or long hair looks wonderful in this color. If you prefer the mysterious side, pair blue with black. If you prefer the cute side, pair it with pink. Both combos are impressively eye-catching.

Grey to blue ombre short hair

Cons: Is it hard keeping up with blue ombre hair? The answer is 50/50. If you decide to go for a vibrant tone, the color lasts longer. But if you choose the smoky tones, they will fade quickly after about 5 washes.

Light brown to blue ombre

This is definitely not the color for sporty girls because more sweat means more washes. And blue will fade into a greenish tone, which is not flattering. To make the blue survive longer after washes, it is recommendable that ladies use blue shampoo. It will add a blue hue to the hair.

Purple ombre hair

Pros: Purple is an interesting tone, it is not too cool, not too warm. It simply is perfect for every skin tone. Just like any crazy hair color, purple fades as well. But unlike blue which has a hard time remaining noticeable on the hair, purple fades into lighter shade of itself. It will eventually fade down to violet or even silver. But nevertheless, these colors are still nice to the eyes. To keep up the beautiful purple tone, use purple shampoo to add pigment to it.

Black to purple ombre
Blonde to pastel purple ombre
Brown to pastel purple ombre

Cons: None.

Brown to blonde ombre

A universally flattering combo of color will do all ladies some good. Brown and blonde are easy-going colors that ladies can maintain easily. The combination is perfect for every event and space, from party to workplace. Don’t miss such a versatile hairstyle!

Dark brown to blonde ombre hair

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Grey ombre hair

Pros: Grey is one of the hottest colors of 2020. It has an ashy tone that is very fashionable and urban. Grey gives off a strong feeling that makes a statement about the one who wears it. For ladies with cool undertones, this ombre color is a dream come true. Can’t call yourself a trendsetter if you haven’t tried this spooky color. And of course, it is a perfect color for Halloween season.

Black to grey ombre
Dark brown to grey ombre

Cons: Grey is an ashy tone that ladies with warm undertones shouldn’t wear because it will take away the liveliness of the skin. Also, it is hard to keep up with this color. Constant use of purple shampoo is advisable since the yellow hue is guaranteed to appear after washes.

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Pink ombre hair

Pros: Pink ombre hair compliments every skin tone. It is a dreamy and romantic color, which is perfect for spring and autumn. It can emphasize the facial features and make them more attractive thanks to its bright feature. Bright hair helps highlight the outline of the face. So if you have a petite face and want it to be more liberal and eye-catching, throw on some pink ombre hair.

Blonde to pastel pink
Brown to pink short hair

Cons: Pink also fades quickly after about 8 washes, but the good thing is that it fades to a bright coral shade. However, pink hair needs pink dye to look vivid again because blue or purple shampoo won’t work in this case.

Dark brown to light pink ombre

It requires constant maintenance and also good haircare products. The hair must go through bleach if you choose bright pink as the go-to option. And bleach is well-known for being unfriendly for hair’s texture. You will have to invest a lot in this hairstyle.

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Reverse ombre

Reverse ombre is the technique where the lighter part is the roots and the dark part is the ends. Reverse ombre is advisable for ladies with pear face shape. Pear face shape consists of small forehead and wide chin. Therefore, reverse ombre is the ideal choice that can balance everything out.

Blonde to black reverse ombre
Blonde to-brown reverse ombre
Light blonde to darl purple reverse ombre

Ash blonde ombre

Pros: Ash blonde is a modern hair color created for models. It is very bright, very chic and very trendy. The color is still neutral enough to look timeless. It doesn’t get old nor boring over the years. Ash blonde looks best on long hair. If you have an oblong face, wavy hair will be a good option. If you have a round face, straight ash blonde ombre hair will elongate the face shape and make it seem more balanced.

Ash blonde ombre hair
Brown to ash blonde ombre style
Ombre ash blonde hair

Cons: Ash blonde gets to do with bleaching and discoloration after washes. The solution is to apply deep moisturizing hair conditioner and make use of purple shampoo which cancels yellow hue.

Ombre bob

Pros: traditionally, bob cut was simply a short haircut that had square-ish shape. Now, hairdressers have added curls and waves to it and make the cut 10 times more fun. This shape is universally gorgeous and it isn’t picky at all. However, the most recommendable way to wear an ombre bob is to add curls. On shorthair, the ombre technique doesn’t show soft transition easily, therefore waves will help to add a soft touch to the transition.

Brown to rose gold bob hair
Light brown ombre bob hair
Ombre bob hair with curls

Cons: there isn’t much space for creative colors.

Silver ombre hair

Pros: Silver ombre hair is very light. This tone brightens the skin of ladies with cool undertone. Silver hair offers an editorial look that is approachable. It should be paired with dark roots so that the hair appears to be thick on the top.

Ash silver hair with dark roots
Brown to silver ombre hair
Silver ombre hair

Cons: Not an ideal option for ladies with thin hair. It also needs extra hydration every day.   

Black ombre hair

Black ombre isn’t the right way to call the style since there are more crazy colors involved in crafting this. Black is the most ideal color for roots when it comes to ombre hair style. On damaged hair, light colors emphasize how weak the hair is. Therefore, dyeing the roots black gives an illusion that the hair is still healthy. Black goes with every color available on the palette and they always look meant-to-be. So don’t hesitate on choosing black as the base for your next ombre hair section.

Black grey to blonde ombre
Black to navy blue ombre
Dark roots silver ombre

Caramel ombre

Pros: Sweet as candy, this hairstyle is the most recommendable for ladies with sun-kissed skin. Caramel ombre makes great use of the color brown. But it is not just any brown, it must be warm medium brown fades beautifully into yellow blonde. It looks unbelievable on every skin tone. Famous celebrities love this hair color because it matches with every makeup style and every clothing design.

Brown to caramel
Caramel ombre medium hair
Dark roots caramel ombre

Cons: Too natural looking for ladies with fun and explosive taste.

Ombre short hair

Pros: Ombre short hair is for badass women. When leaving it straight, it looks cool and wild. But if you curl it, the hair looks cute and liberal. It is a good option for ladies with sharp facial features.

Black to brown ombre short hair
Dark brown to blonde short hair

Cons: The style doesn’t perform well on round face ladies. Normally, the trick for round face ladies is to cover the sides of the face with hair to slim down the shape. This hair length on the other hand, exposes every shape and outline of the face. Plus, ombre technique doesn’t have much space to work with on this length. So it is still more recommendable dyeing the hair in ombre colors on medium to long hair.

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Dark ombre hair

Dark ombre hair saves the day with its ability to add more volume to the hair and make it seem 2 times thicker than it is. Also, hair looks less dry and damaged in dark colors. This is the solution for ladies with thin hair who are in love with ombre technique but can’t choose light blonde because it gives them the “half-bald” look. Dark hair also has a mysterious and inviting touch to it that bright hair colors don’t have.

Dark brown ombre
Dark chocolate ombre
Dark ombre hair

Light brown ombre

Light brown ombre is traditional and quite safe. But the good thing is that it is easy to wear and it withstands all the daily activities of an active and sporty girl.

Light brown ombre short hair
Light brown to blonde ombre long hair
Light brown to blonde ombre with curls

Platinum blonde ombre

Pros: Platinum blonde is a chic but tricky color that only modern ladies can rock to the fullest. It boasts the beauty of fair skin and it goes really well with blue eyes.

Ash blonde platinum ombre
Light brown to platinum blonde ombre
Platinum blonde ombre style

Cons: It is the lightest shade of blonde and no one’s hair has this color naturally. Platinum blonde is the product of bleaching. And as any hair after a bleaching section, it needs hardcore care. Purple shampoo and moisturizer are must-have products.

Green ombre hair

Pros: Green is a crazy choice for ombre hair. The good thing is that it is a very fun one to wear. And if you are feeling down, going from a normal hair color to this one will boost your spirit up. Green looks great on ladies with amber eyes.

Black to green ombre
Green ombre short hair
Ombre dark green

Cons: Green is a no for sporty girls because it is one of the colors that fade the most. And there is no colored shampoo that saves faded green hair. You will have to dye the hair later in order for the color to stay pigmented.

Dark brown to blonde ombre

Another natural combo. Can´t go wrong with dark brown to blonde hair. If your workplace has strict rules to follow, a natural hairstyle will be less controversial. Dark brown to blonde has enough flair to twist the whole appearance but its subtlety is suitable for working environment. Don’t miss this classic ombre style.

Dark brown to blonde ombre long hair
Dark brown to blonde ombre medium hair
Dark brown to blonde ombre short hair

Burgundy ombre hair

Burgundy is the best color for autumn and winter ever. It gives a touch of warmth in the cold weather. The deep red with a touch of plum looks like fine wine and that is also how the color progresses over the time. Burgundy doesn’t fade as much as other colors. And when it does fade, the color only loses the depth, not the tone.

Brown to burgundy ombre
Burgundy ombre hair
Burgundy to pink ombre

Black to grey ombre

Black to grey is a spooky color that gothic girls love. It is easy to wear and easy to match with outfits. This combo looks best on pale skin. It doesn’t fade into a muddy color either. So this should be easy to keep up.

Black to blue grey ombre
Black to silver grey ombre

Black to red ombre

Black to red is a classic combo that has been around for a long time. It is a dynamic combo that ladies who have a taste for punk rock fashion enjoy. Red is a permanent hair dye color that barely fades. So it doesn’t take much to maintain the color. Bold and easy-going, who knows these features can work together so well?

Black to red
Black to red ombre long hair
Black to red ombre short hair

Honey blonde ombre

Honey blonde is like caramel ombre hair. It is a warm tone hairstyle that performs best on warm skin ladies. It looks fresh, healthy, bright and voluminous. It doesn´t exploit too many chemical products either.

Honey blonde ombre long hair
Honey blonde ombre short hair

Here are 70+ ways to wear ombre hair and tips on how to keep it healthy. If you want to look enchanting, modern and trendy, don´t forget to try ombre hair. 

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