Best ombre short hair style for girl

50+ Ombre Short Hair Styles That Will Make You Like A Model

Ombre short hair is a universally gorgeous hairstyle that every lady wants to try once in her life. It has enough flair to look special but at the same time not too wild. This feature makes ombre short hair ideal for various environments, especially for the workplace. But, a small change to the styling can make a huge difference. Wavy ombre hair performs perfectly on all face shapes while a pixie cut is more suitable for ladies with a sharp jawline. So needless to say, you should get to know how each style works on your face shape to achieve the best effect from this attractive hairstyle. Check out these 50+ styles and find out how they enhance a lady’s beauty depending on her face shape.

Bob ombre

Bob cut has evolved a lot over the years. First, it was simply a short and straight hairstyle that goes over the chin. Now, hairdressers have added many modern touches to it like giving it beachy waves or iron flat style. A straight bob hairstyle dyed in ombre color is perfect for ladies with round faces. The square-ness of the style adds more structure to the soft round face and makes it more dynamic. On the other hand, wavy bob is soft and it is ideal for everyone. It also boosts the femininity of the facial features.

Bob hair with blonde ombre
Bob hair with pink to blonde ombre

Blonde ombre short hair

Blonde ombre short hair is the go-to option for modern ladies. Blonde ombre usually goes with brown roots and the color fades out smoothly to bright blonde. Blonde is not a risky color. It goes well with almost every skin tone, from fair skin to brown skin.

Style blonde ombre short hair
Style blonde ombre waves short hair

But remember, “tanning is a no if the hair is like snow”. Platinum blonde doesn’t compliment warm skin very well since it makes the sun-kissed skin look ashy. On the contrary, it works better on cool skin tone. So if you are one of the ladies who have rich honey skin or light rosy skin, a warmer blonde is the better option.

Dark to blonde ombre short hair

Red ombre short hair

Red means fun and wild and it is a great start if you are tempted to experiment with more vibrant colors. This tone is flattering on warm skin but it also gives a great contrast to fair skin. So it is safe to say that red ombre short hair is universally gorgeous. There are many shades of red like wine, flame, burgundy, etc. The brighter the color, the more impressive it is. And there is no better shade to welcome autumn and winter than this one.

Brown to red ombre short hair
Dark to red ombre short hair

Grey ombre short hair

Grey ombre short hair curled in loose waves is absolutely mesmerizing. This color also works better on cool skin tones instead of warm ones. It is a very model-like hairstyle. The best part about grey ombre and wavy hair is that it is ideal for all age ranges. From young women to older ladies, the style is super chic and trendy.

Grey ombre short curly hair
Sliver grey ombre shade

Black to grey ombre short hair

Black to grey ombre short hair is very mysterious and it gives a dark vibe to the face and highlights its beauty at the same time. The color scheme is more suitable for gothic ladies. But if you are simply into a mysterious look that is not too dark, black to grey ombre short hair can get the job done.

Black to dark grey ombre
Black to grey

Purple ombre short hair

Purple also is a very mysterious tone if you decide to go for darker shades. But if you choose bright purple tones like violet, the final look will be an explosion of color that resembles a unicorn perfectly. Darker purple ombre hairstyles are gothic, but bright ones are cute and vibrant. Also, if you want a young and fun look, violet is the one to go for. Ombre and smoky violet hair are on-trend in 2020. So if you don’t want to miss the fun, rock a violet ombre hairstyle as soon as possible!

Brown to purple ombre short hair
Dark purple ombre
Sliver to purple ombre short hair

Silver ombre short hair

Silver ombre is brighter than grey ombre. This look also is very model-worthy if the silver part occupies most of the hair. Silver ombre hair works the best on ladies who are not engaged in many physical activities. The color doesn’t suit the image and the sweat doesn’t allow the color to have a great lifespan either. One piece of advice that ladies should pay attention to is that silver ombre isn’t easy to maintain. And it tends to fade faster if it gets washed more often. So sporty ladies should really consider if they want to dye their hair this color or not. Vibrant colors are more ideal for sporty women than smoky tones.

Dark brown to silver ombre short hair
Silver grey ombre short hair
Silver ombre

Blue ombre short hair

Blue ombre color works the best with wavy hairstyles. This look resembles the ocean and it gives a peaceful vibe. Plus, it performs just as beautifully on bob or pixie cut. This color is easy to rock since it is pretty much timeless. However, the blue tone only fits cool skin colors. Avoid blue hair if you have honey skin because the colors clash badly.

Ash blue ombre short hair
Black blue ombre style
Dark blue ombre
Grey to blue shade
Short blonde to blue ombre hair

Ombre pixie cut

Pixie cut is a tricky one since it is very short and requires a lot of attention and maintenance to keep it cool. You can rock straight or curled pixie hair depends on your face shape. A straight pixie cut is recommendable for ladies with sharp facial features (square jawline, dagger eyes, etc). But a curled pixie cut is the go-to option for ladies with round faces. It adds more textures and shapes to the face and the hair itself.

Black to brown ombre pixie cut
Grey to sliver ombre pixie cut

Blond ombre bob

Blond ombre bob is a safe choice. The style has been around for a long time and it will stay for more. This tone is not too controversial and it is definitely stylish. So if you are choosing a dynamic style that doesn´t violate the rules of your workplace, consider blond ombre bob a wonderful option. Also, blond makes every facial feature brighter and draws attention to the whole look instead of just the face. So if you want to make your face seem smaller, bright blonde hair will take away its width.

Brown to blond ombre bob
Brown to blond ombre hair

On the other hand, this color is very easy to maintain. Warm blonde doesn´t require much attention and a brighter blonde only needs some purple shampoo. Want to look chic without breaking a sweat? Put a blonde bob on top of your priority.

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Very short ombre hair

One of the celebrities who rock extra short ombre hair the best is Kristen Stewart. And no one can deny how good she looks in this hairstyle. The most noticeable feature of this hairstyle is that it doesn’t mean to look feminine. Extra short hair with bold stripes of color is chic and edgy. Even when you style it differently with curls and waves, it will still look like a statement. This hairstyle is a decent choice if you are looking for a bold change.

Kristen Stewart short ombre hair
Very short ombre hair

Black to purple ombre short hair

Black to purple is not something you see every day. The color scheme no doubt is impressive and bold. The hairstyle sparks creativity and inspiration. Black and purple is an ideal combo for every skin tone. Why? Black never goes out of style while purple is neutral. It is not too cool nor too warm. Which is a perfect balance.

Black to light purple ombre hair
Black to purple ombre short hair
Black to violet ombre short hair

Caramel ombre short hair

No one can deny that caramel is the most flattering and versatile color ever. This is a warm tone for hair that performs like a true magician on every skin tone. No ashy look, no burnt skin, caramel ombre is just enchanting. Even though it is not the color that makes you take a risk, it guarantees that the final look will be beautiful. Caramel color also adds more volume to the hair and makes it look bouncier.

Dark brown to caramel ombre
Light brown to caramel ombre short hair

On the other hand, caramel is a good choice for ladies who have had her hair bleached till it is damaged beyond repair. Leaving the hair in platinum color looking weak and dry as straw is a no-no. In this case, caramel ombre short hair can save the day. The color makes the hair seem healthier while the short cut is a good way to get rid of the dead ends (or hair).

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Balayage ombre short hair

Balayage doesn’t sound as familiar as ombre, but it can be described as the more natural version of ombre. Balayage is a technique that gives the hair beautiful highlights that focus more on the end of the hair. It is relatively more natural and subtle than ombre hair, as if the hair isn’t dyed, if not highlighted by the sunlight. Because of its natural effect, Balayage technique only makes use of brown or red brown dye. Ombre, on the other hand, plays with every color possible. Therefore, Balayage is the best choice for a natural beauty and hairstyle.

Balayage ombre short hair
Light brown balayage ombre short hair

Short silver hair with dark roots

Short silver hair with dark roots is basically silver ombre hair that fades from black to silver smoothly. However, the silver part is more in sight than the black. Just like most of the ombre hairstyles, this one looks the best on medium to long hair. If you want to rock the color on short hair, make sure that you go for wavy bob.

Short silver hair with dark roots
Silver with dark roots hair style

Ash blonde ombre short hair

This color is a dream come true for every lady. It is simply gorgeous and fashionable. This is a newer and more upgraded version of yellow blonde. It gives you a more modern look that can be spotted on any model. If you have blue eyes, this tone will bring out the best of their color.

Ash blonde hair with lowlights
Brown to ash blonde ombre short hair

Pink ombre short hair

Pink hair is a true statement. This color enhances the beauty of every skin tone and it brightens the facial features. It also highlights every eye color and makes them pop. Pink hair requires some serious upkeep to maintain the romantic color, but it will be worth the while.

Blone to light pink ombre short hair
Brown to pink ombre short-hair
Light pink ombre short hair

Black to blue ombre short hair

Black to blue ombre has been around for many years and if you haven’t tried this color combination, you are missing out. Bring the ocean to your hair and look magical every day. This is the most inspiring color that anyone can dye their hair with.

Black to blue ombre short hair
Black to moss blue
Black to blue ombre style

Platinum blonde ombre short hair

This striking color is the brightest of all blonde shades and it compliments every eye color. But it definitely is the most impressive when going with brown or blue eyes. Furthermore, platinum blonde must be the easiest color to mix and match the outfits. It is suitable for everything, from sporty style to runway look, it can handle it all. The most recommendable ombre combo is brown to platinum blonde or yellow blonde to platinum blonde. Other vibrant colors can be tricky to maintain when they are paired with platinum blonde hair. The dye can affect the platinum part very badly.

Black to platinum blonde ombre short hair
Brown to platinum blonde ombre short hair
Platinum blonde ombre short hair

Rose gold ombre short hair

Rose gold is the color of youth and luckily it compliments every skin tone. The color is mesmerizing and it is more than perfect for autumn. It goes best with blue or brown eyes. On the other hand, since the shade is very romantic, it is an ideal option for ladies who have a taste for feminine and stylish clothing. This is the color of 2021, so don’t miss it.

Brown to rose gold ombre short hair
Straight hair with rose gold ombre

These are 50+ ombre hairstyles that ladies should consider wearing in 2021. This way of coloring the hair brings different effects to each part of the face. Traditional coloring techniques only added one color to the hair. And considering that each section of the face needs different attention, these techniques weren’t sufficient. Plus, ombre hair is much more creative and fun to wear. This hairstyle will mark you on the map of trendy fashion lovers and works like a charm with your face shape. Jump on the bandwagon now and create your own version of ombre short hair.

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