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50+ Pastel Purple Hair Designs For E-girls And How To Style Them

E-girl is a trendy style that makes great use of pastel purple hairstyles. E-girls wear the most vibrant and cute hair colors ever to make themselves stand out easily among a crowd. Not just E-girls, modern girls absolutely love pastel purple. It fits various styles, not just cute ones. Not only is it eye-catching but it also is flattering. The color is bomb on all skin tones and mixing outfits is the easiest task ever. Pastel purple simply is dreamy and magical. So check out these 12 pastel purple hair designs!

Pastel lavender hair for the ultimate E-girl look

Bright, silver and E-girl worthy. This is definitely the ultimate hairstyle that any E-girl must go for. It has a cute appearance and resembles a unicorn vividly. Since the shade usually has a touch of silver tone to it, it is more recommendable for cool skin girls.

light pastel lavender

The best way to rock this hairstyle is to pair it with dark color roots. Pastel lavender is very light, so dark roots will frame the look and make the overall result don’t seem blended. But if you want to go for a full head look, don’t hesitate and go with your guts.

Pastel lavender hair
Pink and pastel lavender hair

Pastel lavender hair is involved with a lot of bleach. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that the hair should be pampered with deep conditioners and moisturizers. And the best moisturizers for hair are oils. Hair oils are wonderful products. They hydrate the hair quickly and protect the hair texture from breaking. So there is no reason not to make great use of them.

Pastel violet hair is the best ice queen look

Pastel violet is very similar to pastel lavender, except for the fact that pastel violet seems a bit deeper. Therefore, it is perfect for both cool skin tones and warm skin tones. Also, it is a wonderful color for winter if you are into ice queen look. There is no better way than this to welcome the season.

Pastel violet hair
Brown silver and pastel violet hair
Brown to pastel violet

In general, pastel hairstyles always need the support of bleach to obtain the best result. And bleach is a product that is both famous and infamous. The final result is guaranteed to look bomb but the hair texture will be damaged for sure. Products that can maintain a healthy appearance for the hair are conditioners, gel shampoos, hair oils and hair masks. The more work you put into it, the healthier the hair seems to be.

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Pastel purple ombre hair: Versatile and diverse

Pastel purple ombre hairstyles come in different shades. Depending on the warmth of the shade, pastel purple color performs differently on each skin tone. For ladies with warm honey skin, go for a pastel purple color that has a touch of pink in it. It warms the color and makes it suitable for warm skin. For ladies with cool skin tone, pastel purple with a dash of silver is totally gorgeous. It highlights not only the hair but also the skin tone.

Balayage pastel purple ombre
Light blonde to pastel purple ombre hair
Light brown to pastel purple ombre

There are different ways to style this color. But just like any other ombre hairstyle, pastel purple ombre is at its best shape on medium to long hair. The creativity is strong in this one. So it needs space to boast it.

Pastel pink and purple hair for every lady

Pink and purple are the colors of fairies and unicorns, so needless to say they are magical. Pink and purple compliment every skin tone and they are vibrant to look at. This is the go-to hair combo to achieve a romantic and feminine appearance.

Pastel purple pink and blonde hair
Short pastel pink and purple hair

Pastel pink and pastel purple cooperate beautifully in various styles. You can consider dyeing the hair with ombre technique. This is a very romantic look that captures the sunset on the hair. Another style that ladies should consider is dyeing small parts of the hair in pastel pink and pastel purple. The whole look will be a mixture of long stripes in these 2 colors. It is 10 out of 10!

Unicon hair pastel purple pink

Since pastel pink and purple are fashionable colors, they need special treatment. To maintain the vibrancy of the hair, using purple shampoo is very recommendable. This product keeps the colors from fading away.

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Cute pastel blue and purple hair

Cute like marshmallow, pastel blue and purple brighten up any gloomy day. Blue and purple work really well together. They are a perfect combo for ladies with cool undertones. The best way to wear pastel blue and purple hair is to apply them on long beachy waves. Most of the time, pastel hair colors are meant to draw attention, so the more space they have to work with, the more attractive the final look will be.

Pastel blue and purple hair
Pastel blue to purple ombre
Prominent hair with pastel purple and blue color

The most recommendable product to keep up with this look is blue shampoo. It contains blue pigment which makes the colors more vibrant. Purple shampoo also serves. But it will tint the blue stripes to light purple, which will dissimulate the difference between pastel blue and pastel purple.

Choose your right shade of light pastel purple hair

Each person has her own undertone. There are 3 types in general: Cool, warm and neutral. For neutral skin tone, it is very easy to choose right colors since it looks great with any hair color. But for ladies with cool or warm skin, picking a shade that suits them is trickier.

Blonde hair with pastel purple highlights
Light pastel purple hair

For ladies with cool skin tone, going for hair colors of the same feature is a smart choice. Cool skin goes with cool-color hair. So the best pastel purple option for these ladies is the one that has a cool touch. Pastel purple can be mixed with blue or silver dye to achieve the look.

Blonde to light pastel purple

For ladies with warm skin tones, having pastel purple hair that radiates warmth is advisable. So purple with a touch of rosy pink will pull the look together.

Pastel purple short hair for chic girls

Short hair has a tendency of spicing up the appearance. Even if it is curled or paired with cute accessories, short hair always is fierce and chic. So if fierce is your cup of tea, pastel purple shorthair is a wonderful option.

Full head pastel purple
Highlights in pastel purple short hair
Pastel purple in ombre style

There are various ways to style your hair with pastel purple color. The options are: full-head pastel purple, highlights in pastel purple or pastel purple in ombre style. The color is mesmerizing on short hair and it also is easy to keep up with.

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Dark pastel purple hair for dark fairies

Believe it or not, dark pastel purple exists. This color shares the same magic as light pastel purple, but it has a dark and mysterious vibe that the other color doesn’t have. Dark pastel purple is a bomb when being paired with dark makeup. Together they are a chic gothic combo. Also, dark pastel purple enhances every skin tone’s beauty.

Dark pastel purple hair
Dark pastel violet hair color

Taking care of dark pastel purple is easy. All you need is purple shampoo to add purple pigment to it. That is the way to keep the color around for a longer period.

Pastel purple silver hair

Purple and silver are born for cool skin ladies. These colors compliment each other and offer a super bright look. Silver can be an ashy shade or metallic shade. If the tone is ashy, the overall seems darker and more urban-looking. Metallic silver, however, only makes pastel purple even brighter than it already is.

Pastel purple silver hair
Pastel purple silver long hair

This is the ultimate look for modern ladies of 2020.

Pastel purple blonde hair

Purple and blonde are very chic. And only the most fashionable girls and the best hairdressers can pull this look off. The shade of purple depends on the shade of blonde and vice versa. The rule is not to clash the undertone of the colors. Warm blonde should go with warm purple and icy blonde should be paired with cool purple.

Blonde and pastel purple balayage
Blonde hair with pastel purple’
Light blonde to pastel purple ombre

Purple shampoo is the key to keep the hair fresh and vibrant.

Pastel purple grey hair is the trendiest 2020 style

Pastel purple with grey hair has been rocking 2020 together. One can’t call herself fashionable and trendy if she hasn’t tried these colors. Grey and pastel purple are very interesting. They have a big contrast of colors but work together so well. Pastel purple and grey hair is a must try.

Grey hair with pastel purple highlights

Silver pastel purple hair for E-girls

Silver pastel purple hair is bright and fun. While pastel purple makes a statement, silver strands of hair reflect the light and draw attention to the lady. This is a very E-girl look that girls are crazy about.

Silver pastel purple hair

Purple shampoo is a must when it comes to taking care of this hairstyle. Silver and pastel purple need the help of purple pigment to remain flattering. Purple shampoo chases away the muddy color that will break out from beneath.

Some other beautiful pastel purple hair colors

These are 50+ hairstyles that include pastel purple hair dye. The color is vibrant and unique. It is perfect for E-girls. The designs are amazing for ladies with different tastes. From cute to badass, pastel purple deals with it all. So make sure that you rock one of these designs. Be the trendsetters!

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