Best pink ombre hair color

35+ Prettiest Pink Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Pink ombre hair is one of the most romantic hair colors ever and luckily, it looks bomb on every skin tone too. Putting the skin tone problem aside, there are things that ladies don’t know when it comes to taking care of pink ombre hair. Just like any trendy and chic hair color, pink ombre is tricky to maintain. It requires decent upkeep so that the color can last longer than just a few washes. Continue to read and you will find out some extra helpful tips on how to keep your new pink ombre hair gorgeous. And don’t miss the 35+ ways to rock pink ombre hair on the season of the witches.

Brown to pink ombre

Brown to pink ombre must be the most gorgeous and mesmerizing ombre color ever. It gives so much warmth to the overall look and simply looks stunning. This color combination doesn’t require constant maintenance because the hair isn’t bleached too harshly. Also, ladies with big face shapes can benefit from it. It slimes down the outline of the face.

Brown to pink medium hair
Brown to pink ombre

There are various tones of pink to choose from. But the best one that stays truest to the vibe of autumn is a rosy one that has a lot of depth to it. The tone is a mixture of warm pink and a dash of violet. Nothing beats this trendy and feminine color.

Brown to pink short hair

One mistake that ladies usually make is to leave the brown part more noticeable than the pink part. With this specific color combo, it is recommendable dyeing most of the hair in pink and only leaving a short part, which is close to the root, in brown. If you insist on keeping most of hair brown, find the best hairdresser who can diffuse the colors smoothly. It will make the fade more satisfying.

Black to pink ombre

Black to pink is a tricky one but it is definitely worth the try. The reason why it is trickier to cooperate black with pink is that it is darker than brown. The contrast between black and pink is huge, therefore it is hard to achieve a smooth fade from one color to the other. But if it is done right, it will be an impressive hairstyle. Ladies with diamond face shapes can benefit a lot from this color scheme. Black roots give the illusion of a smaller forehead and pink ends make the chin seem wider. What a fashionable contour!

Black to pink ombre
Black to pink ombre long hair

Black to pink ombre also is a versatile combo. Every hair length looks great in these colors. From extra short pixie cut to long wavy hair, you don’t have to worry if the length of your hair is good enough to be dyed in them or not. Also, the black roots give the illusion that the hair is thick and bouncy on the top. If you have thin hair, this color scheme can fix it.

Black to pink ombre short hair

Another good thing about this hairstyle is that it is easy to keep up and it doesn’t require many products to keep the color vibrant. Although you must know that bright colors are always relatively harder to keep up than darker ones.

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Pastel pink hair ombre

If you are a lady with a cool skin tone, pastel pink ombre hair is a wonderful choice. Pastel pink belongs to the smoky chart and it usually is paired with black roots. The best way to wear this color is to cut the hair at shoulder level and flat iron it. Beachy waves work too but it doesn’t give the same high fashion effect as flat ironed hair. This color is easy to achieve on blonde hair. If you are a natural blonde, toning down the natural hair color isn’t complicated. And the pastel pink can cling on longer.

Brown pastel pink hair ombre
Light brown to pastel pink hair ombre
Light brown to pastel pink style

However, it is to no one surprise that pastel pink doesn’t show on dark hair. Thus, hairdressers have to bleach the hair as light as possible. Black hair has to go through a lot of bleaching to become light blonde. Going from black to extra light blonde means going from level 1 to level 10 on the hair coloring chart. The bleaching has to be done on many different days because the hair needs to rest and recover after each section. It is not likely that a black hair girl goes blonde after one day. And in the end, the hair will need extra moisture and care after so many chemical works. In conclusion, if you are a dark hair girl, keep in mind that this hair color will take you through one hell of a roller coaster.

Blonde to pink ombre

Blonde to pink is a very romantic and feminine combo. It is more suitable for spring than for fall because of its fresh vibe. Ladies will long hair that looks the best in this color. It brightens every facial feature and draws attention directly to the face. This isn’t the best choice for ladies with broad face shape because the bright tones make it seem bigger. But for ladies with small face shapes, the colors highlight the face and make it more dynamic.

Blonde hair with pink ombre
Blonde to pink ombre long hair
Blonde to pink ombre short hair

Depends on the texture of the hair, pink dye stays longer or fades quickly. Normally the color loses its vibrancy after around 8 washes. This is the case where the hair texture doesn’t offer a good grip for the color to cling on. Smooth and thin hair usually is the texture that doesn’t hold hair dye. However, on thicker and stronger hairpieces, the dye stays longer and survives many washes. If the quality of the dye is good, it can last for around 3 months.

Light pink ombre hair

Light pink ombre can be warm or cool depending on the dye. Therefore, every lady can rock light pink hair. Light pink and pastel pink aren’t the same. Because in pastel pink case, only ladies with cool undertones can rock it. Pastel pink has a very light smoky undertone, but it is still noticeable. Smoky hair color makes warm skin ashy. Light pink, on the other hand, can make great use of a touch of coral color. This is a very flattering color for warm skin tone. It boosts the richness of the beautiful honey skin instead of robbing it of its shine.

Brown to light pink ombre hair

Pink and purple hair ombre

What a classic combo. Pink and purple have their way of complimenting each other and they make a hairstyle go from a 7 to a 10. This is also a good option for ladies with small face shapes who want to draw more glances. Another positive point about pink and purple hair is that both ladies with cool or warm skin tones can wear them. They don’t make the skin look ashy nor do they burn up the warm undertone.

Purple roots pink hair
Purple to pink ombre hair
Reverse ombre with pink to purple

Pink and purple aren’t the most famous color of autumn, but they sure do carry a romantic vibe. Also, they are dynamic enough to style a Halloween look. The biggest costume party of the year is approaching, if you tempt to look great in this event without complicating yourselves with many hair color options, just dye your hair in pink and purple ombre.

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Pink and blue ombre hair

This is a curious color combo that is hard to rock. First, it looks bomb on cool skin tone. Second, it is very vibrant. To ignore a lady who wears these hair colors is impossible. They provoke much creativity and bring out the most positive energy ever. Depends on the depth of the colors, they cling on the hair differently. Dark colors stay better on hair so the more vibrant the colors are, the better grip they get. But, if you want to rock the unicorn look, light pink and light blue are more recommendable.

Blue to pink medium hair
Pink and blue ombre hair
Pink to blue medium hair

To maintain the vibrancy of these colors, ladies should make great use of gel shampoos that specialize in colored hair. These shampoos contain less soap and they wash the hair softly. They don’t offer a squeaky cleaning but they are perfect for vibrant hair colors.

Dark pink ombre hair

Dark pink also is a universally flattering shade. It is very strong and very pigmented. Dark pink is the perfect shade for autumn and winter since the color is hot. Fierce ladies can put this hair color on the list of worth-trying shades. Pink is a good alternative for red hair. Red is a rebel and wild color but it is very traditional. Pink can achieve the same effect but at a more modern note.

Dark brown to pink
Dark pink ombre hair dye
Dark pink to light

To keep up the color is very easy. Dark pink doesn’t discolor quickly but when it does, it simply loses the depth and fades into lighter pink. In conclusion, this is a beautiful and economical choice.

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Red to pink ombre hair

There is something very curious about this hairstyle. It can be worn by rocker-chic ladies, bombshell ladies or cute ladies. The vibe depends a lot on the shade of pink that the lady chooses for herself. The lighter the pink is, the closer to the cute vibe it gets. Nevertheless, it is an eye-catching color. Darker tones slim the facial features while brighter tones emphasize them. Know your face shape and you will be able to choose the shades that enhance your beauty the best.

Red to pink ombre curly short hair
Red to pink ombre medium hair
Sweetest color with red and pink

One con about red to pink ombre hair is that the color can run off under the rain and stain your clothes. So keep this detail in mind and look carefully into good hair dye that doesn’t stain easily.

Rose pink ombre hair

Rose pink has a dusty touch to it which makes the color very modern and trendy. People who pay attention to the fashion world know that every dusty or smoky hair color is a good choice for singers and models. From Rihanna to Hailey Bieber, these celebrities wear rose pink hair like a crown. If you want to look expensive, this is the color that you should choose. Plus, it gives a flowy and romantic look that everyone is searching for in this season.

Black to rose pink ombre
Brown to rose pink ombre
Dark brown to rose pink ombre medium hair

Grey pink ombre hair

Grey to pink is model-like and it no doubt is ashy. The color compliments pale skin with a cool undertone. The best choice of grey is bright silver grey. This tone goes with pink nicely and the lady appears younger in silver grey. Dark grey clashes with pink a lot and it is not for everyone. There is a big chance that you will look a few years older if you decide to dye the hair dark grey.

Grey and pink hair
Grey to pink medium hair
Grey to pink ombre hair
Pink to grey

This style requires serious chemical work. Bleaching is a must with these colors. The best way to maintain the vibrancy of silver and pink is to use purple shampoo. It cancels out any yellowish tone and assures that you look expensive.

Pink ombre short hair

Pink ombre looks badass if you wear it with pixie cut but it looks feminine when you wear it with wavy bob cut. Choose the style correctly and steal all the gazes possible.

Brown to pink ombre short hair
Brown to pink with bang

The most advisable way to wear pink ombre short hair is to leave the roots black (or brown). Short hair means taking away a great amount of hair that adds volume to the overall look. By bleaching the roots down to bright platinum, many ladies suffer from a bald illusion, even though they are not. Leaving the roots in black or brown color makes it seem healthier and marks the volume of the hair.

Light brown to pink

Ladies with natural blonde hair can wear short pink hair too. Choose the lightest shade of pink and it will tie the look together.

Here are 35+ ways to wear pink ombre hair and some pieces of advice from which ladies can benefit. If you already set in mind that pink ombre hair is what you want, look carefully into the vibe that each style gives off. And remember, to keep the hair beautiful means to keep it healthy. The coloring step is exciting but don’t forget to treat the hair with love afterward. Prepare for autumn with the best hairstyle ever!

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