Best purple hair color

70+ Prettiest Purple Hair Ideas To Bring To Your Colorist

A suitable hairstyle is an element that can determine the characteristics of one’s facial features. And since purple is the trendiest color of 2021, why don’t you try a hairstyle in this color? Find out which is the best way to wear purple on a round face with this article.

Purple highlights for an eye-catching look

Purple highlights are very playful. This is a great way of styling hair for young ladies. There are two recommendable options: Purple highlights around the entire head or a stripe of purple highlight on bangs.

Brown hair with blonde and purple highlights

Purple highlights around the head is a bold option. And the best choice of colors depends on the natural hair color of each person. If a lady has dark hair, the best tone of purple highlights is deep dark. If the lady has bright hair color, then the highlights should be bright as well. In this case, pastel purple is a wonderful choice. The shade is modern instead of looking like a 2000s style.

Purple highlights on brown hair
Purple highlights on dark hair

Purple highlights look great on every hair length. From extra short to long hair. For ladies with round faces, short purple highlights around the head is a wonderful style. A pixie cut with beach waves is a perfect look.

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Violet hair for a futuristic look

Violet is a futuristic color. So needless to say it is very modern and chic. This color gives an edgy vibe to the facial features. This will help balance the softness of the round face.

Light violet color
Violet color short hair

The way violet performs on a round face depends a lot on the face’s size. Obviously, not every round face looks the same. For ladies with small face shapes, bright color roots look great. But for ladies with larger face shape, black roots are the best choice. It adds more volume to the hair and elongates the face. This will help equilibrate round faces.

Violet highlight on dark roots

For a romantic look, you can pair violet hair with rosy pink. This is such a feminine combo.

Light purple hair for romantic ladies

There are tons of light purple shades for ladies with round faces to choose from, especially for ladies with thick hair. But there is one detail that ladies with round faces should keep in mind is that bright hair colors make it seem less voluminous. And volume is an important aspect when choosing the right hairstyle for a round face. So if you don’t have thick hair, light purple might not be the best option.

Light purple on brown hair color
Light violet hair color

Nevertheless, light purple is a dreamy color which looks unreal. It gives a magical feeling to the overall appearance. So if you have a romantic taste, don’t hesitate and go for light purple hair.

To keep up with light purple hair, ladies should use purple shampoo.

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Purple ombre hair for E-girls

Ombre is an interesting technique that is involved with the many colors and many beautiful colors’ transitions. Purple ombre is a perfect style for E-girls. Purple can work with pink, blue, silver, etc. Whatever the combination is, the final look is guaranteed to be cute and enchanting.

Brown to purple ombre
Purple ombre dark roots
Purple ombre short hair

This hair color is desirable, but it is not ideal for sporty girls. Purple ombre hair is a fashionable color. And like any other fashionable hair color, it has a tendency to fade faster. So this is not the color for active ladies. On the contrary, ladies who enjoy staying indoors can rock this color anytime.

Magical pastel purple hair

Every day is a great day with pastel purple hair. Pastel purple hair is a cute color. But when being paired with grey or black roots, the style becomes fierce and chic.

Blonde to pastel purple

Ladies can achieve different vibes with pastel purple hair, depending on the colors that it goes with. With silver, pink or blue, pastel purple is fairy-like. With grey or black roots, pastel purple is urban and chic. So choose your style!

Pastel purple hair color

The best hair length for pastel purple to work on a round face is medium to long. And loose waves are a must. The waves give more shapes to the round face, make it look more attractive and well-proportioned.  

Pastel purple hair dark roots

However, pastel purple is hard to deal with because it is very bright. The look involves bleaching and coloring. So the texture of the hair dries out more or less. The best way to take care of pastel purple hair is to use gel shampoo, purple shampoo and hair oil. These products maintain the health of hair.

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Blue and purple hair for a stormy appearance

Fierce and strong, these are the traits of blue and purple hair. The colors represent a storm at sea. The best shades of blue and purple should be vibrant. Subtle tones won’t achieve the same effect. These are very vibrant colors. So if you want to go for a bold look, go full out!

Blue and purple
Blue and purple on brown hair

To maintain the depth of blue and purple, there are some products that ladies can consider useful. Blue or purple shampoo are recommendable in all cases. They add pigment to the hair so that the colors don’t lose its flair.

“Natural” purple balayage for a subtly sexy look

Balayage is an interesting technique. It is very similar to ombre but it is a lot more natural. So how can purple be natural? The answer is simple. The look includes a purple base and bright purple highlights. The whole look can be described as subtly sexy.

Light purple balayage
Purple balayage
Purple balayage short hair

Purple balayage also looks good on medium to long hair. For ladies with small and round face shapes, long and straight hair is a great option too.

Dark purple hair for sporty chics

Dark purple, no doubt, is a chic color for sporty girls. The reason why dark purple is recommendable for ladies who usually engage in up-beat activities is that dark purple lasts for a long time. It can withstand more washes than any crazy hair color. Also, this is an easy color that goes well with everyone and every outfit. So it satisfies the need of switching up from sporty outfits to work outfits easily.

Dark purple hair

Dark purple is a mature color that not everyone can rock. The most perfect age range for this color is above 25. It gives women a sexy appearance effortlessly.

Dark purple goes really well with wine or mulberry hair color. It gives a warmer look that everyone is looking for in a winter hairstyle.

Dark purple hair color

For ladies with round faces, the best way to style dark purple hair is to leave it in short or medium. The shorter hair gives a younger look. Also, a touch of loose waves wouldn’t hurt.

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Pink and purple hair: Perfect for romantic dates

Pink and purple is a romantic combo. It can be even more romantic if the pink shade is rosy. Ladies with medium to long hair definitely must try this color combination. It is like capturing a sunset on hair.

Pastel purple to rosy hair
Pink and purple balayage hair

To make the hair more flowy, add beach waves to the hair. If you are into bangs, this is the time. However, pay attention to the shape of the bangs. The width and the length of round faces usually are the same, so having straight-up thick and horizontal bangs is a no. These bangs make the face even shorter.

Purple to pink medium hair

So what is the best bangs’ shape for a round face? The answer is side swept bangs. It shows a part of the forehead which is very recommendable.

Black and purple hair: A doll-like look for round-face ladies

If this combination calls your attention, it is because some famous artists have worn it before. Also, it is not hard to find trendsetters on the internet with hair in these colors.  

Black and purple balayage hair
Black and purple hair
Black hair with purple highlights

Black and purple have a big contrast. That is why the look is so dynamic. No one can take their eyes off you with this hairstyle.

Trendy silver purple hair for an authentic 2021s look

Ashy hair colors are in right now, so if you haven’t tried any of them, you are missing out. Silver purple is a good option when it comes to ashy hair colors. It has a bright appearance that is chic, young and urban.

Silver and pastel purple hair
Silver hair with purple highlight

This color goes really well with sporty clothes, even though it is not ideal for sporty activities. Breaking sweat equals breaking the color. So avoid this shade if you are engaged in fun activities regularly.

Silver purple ombre hair

Taking care of silver purple hair is a difficult task. Only truly fashionable ladies who love crazy hair colors can rock such a design. As always, purple shampoo is a must. And moisture is what the hair needs to recover a smooth texture.

Red and purple hair: Sexy devil

Together, red and purple team up for a sexy devil duo. The colors are deep, dark and inviting. They are ideal for women who have a taste for attractive and feminine style. Red and purple are perfect for ladies with warm skin tone. They are quite neutral colors and they don’t take away the volume nor do they add more of it. This simply is a sexy and easy combo.

Red and purple bob hair

The best part is that red and dark purple hair doesn’t require constant maintenance. Since they are permanent colors, they cling to the hair for a long time without losing their vibrancy.

Red and purple hair

These colors are bombs on shaggy bob. Ladies with round faces can consider this a chic and easy style. Shaggy bob gives a natural and intentionally messy look. It adds more shape to the round face shape and makes it fiercer.

Grey purple hair for a mysterious smoky look

Grey is an ashy tone that has been taking the internet by storm since 2019. The color is very urban and chic. It appears all over Instagram so it is clear that the color is in trend.

Grey hair with purple highlights

Grey and purple are go-to colors for a smoky look. Alongside purple, blue or green also are wonderful options. But purple is the one that people pay attention to the most.

Smoky grey purple hair

The overall look is sporty and modern, but it is not recommendable for sporty girls. To maintain the colors, ladies should use purple shampoo. It keeps the ashy shade visible and durable.

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Best purple short hair designs for round face

Short purple hair is perfect for round face ladies. The best short hairstyles for a round face are wavy pixie, messy bob or wavy bob. These cuts compliment round face the most. They take away the soft touch and add more edginess to the facial features. The waves help elongate the face and this is what we are looking for.

Messy purple bob
Short curly purple hair

Ash purple hair for urban outfitters

Ash purple hair is amazing. It is a young look even though the color grey got involved in this. Ash purple hair is a bomb with urban outfits. If this is your style, then you must check out ash purple hair.

Ash purple hair color on dark roots
Ash purple hair colour

Blonde and purple hair

Blonde and purple are a curious combo. Usually purple is paired with a color that is closer to its palette. It could be silver, blue, pink or any color of that sort. But blonde can definitely go with purple. And they make a very unique combo.

Purple and blonde hair
Purple and blonde ombre

Purple must be paired with icy blonde. So the look is more recommendable for ladies with naturally blonde hair. This look can be tough on brown hair, so it is very advisable for naturally brunette women.

Bright purple hair for brighter days

There has been enough bad news in the world right now, it’s time to brighten it up. Bright purple hair makes every lady fall in love with it at first sight. The color is cute, fun and young. Cool skin tone appears to be more glamorous with this hair color as an assistant.

Bright purple hair
Bright purple on dark roots

As usual, bright purple should be paired with dark roots to define the thickness of the hair. This is essential when styling hair for ladies with round face shape.

Platinum purple hair

Platinum purple hair, no doubt, is a chic look. It is very fun to wear and inspiring to look at. For ladies who are designers, creative workers, etc., this color will help boost the efficiency of her performance. Every day is a fun working day with this hairstyle.

Brown to platinum purple
Platinum hair with pastel purple highlights

Purple and green hair

Purple and green are very unique. And needless to say, this is not a conventional combo. The combination reminds of cartoon characters. So if your workplace has nothing to deal with cartoons, this is not the hairstyle that you should pick. Other than that, it is a very unique look. It can be quirky or chic, depending on how it is styled.

Green hair with purple highlights
Purple and green pixie cut hair

Chill burgundy purple hair: Perfect for sexy women

This is what we are talking about. Burgundy purple hair is the prettiest thing ever. These colors mix together so perfectly and they have this unexplainable warmth to them. This combo is brilliant for winter. It definitely captures attention thanks to the needed warmth that it brings during winter.

Dark purple burgundy hair
Purple burgundy hair

Also, burgundy purple is a sexy shade. For mature women, this is very ideal. The colors are not too wild. They aren’t too dynamic. But the effect is noticeable. This is what we call effortlessly sexy.

Smokey purple hair for a mysterious outfit

Just like any smoky hair color, smoky purple is an urban tone. The touch of mystery is noticeable. This shade rocks in dark spaces and it is young and fun under the sunlight. The contrast of the vibe is what makes this hairstyle very interesting to do and to wear.

Smokey lilac hair
Smokey purple hair

Enchanting lavender purple hair

Lavender is a romantic color. So it is safe to say that lavender hair shares the same vibe too. Ladies with cool undertones will love this shade.

Lavender purple hair with beach waves

Lavender purple hair is the result of beautiful coloring and harsh bleaching. For blond women, this is not a big deal since the hair doesn’t go through bleach for too long. But for brown-hair women, the process is rough. So only opt for this color if you have extremely strong hair.

Some other purple hair ideas you can refer to

Here are more than 70 beautiful purple hairstyles for ladies that Ziclife presents to you. It is very tricky to choose the one that compliments the shape beautifully. So make sure that you investigate carefully before jumping on the bandwagon. There are certain designs that don’t work on a face. But there are so many gorgeous ones that perform brilliantly. From extra short pixie cut to long wavy hair, there are tricks and tips for round-face ladies to rock these styles. Don’t miss the chance to capture the glance with these hairstyles.