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60+ Best Short Curly Hairstyles For Modern Women In 2021

There are tons of ways to cut and style hair nowadays and short curly is the one that is on trend now. Before long hair was more favorable so people tended to skip this amazing short hairstyle. But now, everyone knows better. Short curly has been gone through some modern changes over the years. Now, it is chic, fierce but doesn’t lose its feminine touch. It simply is a flattering hairstyle. So if you want to have a new haircut, short curly hair is a bomb option. Read on with Ziclife and find out how this hairstyle works for you!

Curly bob on blonde hair

Best colors for short curly hair

Based on the design, there are specific colors that work the best on short curly hair. To choose the right color for your new short and curly hair, you must define your style. Overall there are two vibes that ladies can go for: Vintage or modern.

Vintage: Blonde, black, dark brown

The best colors to achieve a vintage look are blonde, black and dark brown. These colors are basically natural hair colors. But with coloring work, even a natural hair shade looks taken care of. With a vintage hairstyle and red lips, ladies are ready for any event. From the red carpet to family’s party, you will be the center of attention.

Modern: Any color you can imagine of

For ladies who have a taste for modern style, every color on the palette is an option. You can wear monotone hair color or cooperate many colors together. On short and curly hair, balayage or ombre technique is very recommendable. They offer the best color schemes ever!

Top 10 best short curly hairstyles ever

Curly pixie cut for round and square faces

A pixie cut always appears to be a bold option. Pixie cut is very short and the limit is above the ears. It is not a surprise that the cut goes well with square faces since both are fierce and strong. But it is brilliant that the design compliments round faces as well. The key lies in the volume that pixie cut creates. Pixie cut makes the hair seem thicker and bouncier, which gives the illusion of a longer face. This detail balances the facial features of ladies with round faces perfectly.

Curly pixie cut style
Pixie cut curly hair

Short curly bob: The most versatile hairstyle ever

Short curly bob is absolutely gorgeous. It is such a modern and chic hairstyle that everyone is crazy about it. And the best part is that it looks great on everyone!

Bob curly

Short bob is a cool look but by adding waves and curls to it, it is red carpet worthy. It enhances the beauty of every face shape. If you have a round face like Jennifer Lawrence, a short curly bob is a cutie. If you have a long face shape like Zoe Saldana, the look is classy and retro.

Bob curly hair

There is no discussion, short curly bob is the most versatile and complimenting hairstyle ever!

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Very short curly hairstyles

This is a design that was created specially for badass women. Normally, the upper part of the hair is curled beautifully into massive curls. But the under part is shaved or cut very closely to the roots. This is a style that straight-up comes out of an action movie or a runway.

Curly mushroom cut

This is another hairstyle that gives the illusion of a longer face. This is what ladies with round and square faces are looking for. While extra short curly hair makes round-faced ladies seem fiercer, it makes ladies with square face shapes look a tad softer.

Very short curly hair

Also, it is so easy to keep up with this style. Maintaining the curls on top of the head can’t be easier. This is the go-to style for lazy hair days.

Short curly hairstyles black hair

This is a pure vintage look. No one can say no to such a glamorous and classy hairstyle. The design itself is very simple and safe, but it is so attractive. The dark shade gives the illusion of thicker hair. So for women who struggle with making their hair seem bouncier, this design is a lifesaver.

Curly black hair short cuts
Short curly hair with dark roots

The style is very retro. With a touch of red lipstick and pink rouge, you are good to go.

Wavy pixie cut: Cool and cute

Strong, badass and cute. Who would have thought that these traits can work together? But these are the vibes that a wavy pixie cut brings. With this hairstyle, ladies can wear any type of outfit and it will still look perfect.

Wavy pixie cut for girls
Wavy pixie on black hair

Make sure that you bring some highlights to this hairstyle. It looks really cute with blonde highlights on top of dark hair. If you enjoy having colorful hair, wavy pixie cut is a wonderful base. There is no limit to this cutie.

Short natural curly hair

For dark skin ladies, this hairstyle is lit. It doesn’t require heat work since it can be achieved with cold curling techniques. The texture of the hair won’t be damaged and the final result is cute and bouncy curls. The style is perfect for naturally curly and normally frizzy texture of the hair.

Short hairstyles for black women natural hair
Short natural curly hair

For ladies with light skin tone, this hairstyle can gain you extra hair. It makes the whole look seem more voluminous. So it is definitely ideal for women with little hair. For those who have thick hair, it will be a big and pronounced look.

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Short curly bob with bangs

This style is very recommendable for ladies with defined face shapes. For those with round faces, this is not an ideal style. Bangs on oblong face shape are a tool to balance the ratio of the face. They are very cute and modern. Short curly bob is at its best shape in dark colors. But you can always sprinkle some highlights here and there to make the hair more attractive and fun. Vibrant colors like pastel purple or light pink also are ideal options if you prefer a more colorful color palette.

Bob curly hair with bangs
Short curly bob with bangs

Short layered curly hair

Layered hair is a recommendable hairstyle for ladies with round faces. The design adds more texture to the hair and defines the shape of the face. Layered cut introduces the chance of having more angled face shapes. For ladies with round faces who want to have stronger facial features, this is the must-try hairstyle.

Bob layered curly hair
Short layered curly hair

However, it can get tricky taking care of this design. Layered cut is very complicated. When the hair grows longer, which it will, you will have to visit a hair salon again to have it trimmed. This maintenance occurs regularly. So if you are lazy with your hair, you should consider other hairstyles.

Short hairstyles for thick curly hair

There are many ways to style thick curly hair. Everything depends on the taste of each person. Many find thick hair annoying and heavy. Others find thick curly beautiful and voluminous.

Chin level short curly hair

In case you don’t want to carry too much hair, an extra short hairstyle is very ideal. You can take advantage of the curly pixie cut. This technique allows you to take away a lot of hair but the most important part still remains. Short face shapes can benefit from this hairstyle.

Short hairstyles for thick curly hair

In case you want to maintain the majestic thickness of curly hair, go for a short cut that is at chin level. This exaggerates the volume of the hair. But keep in mind that this is not a good style for round face. It is a big and poofy look. It will frame the roundness of the face unnecessarily.

Long pixie cut for thick curly hair

If you have thick hair and love the pixie cut, we recommend the layered cut. Having thick hair is a wonderful advantage. You can try different hairstyles and they will all look majestic. But, for pixie cut, it may not be an ideal design for thick hair. Therefore, if you have your mind fixed on this style, we recommend that you have it trimmed in layers. This will take off more hair off your head. Thus the final look won’t be poofy.

Pixie cut with long curly bangs

What you should pay attention to when changing your hairstyle

Wearing a hairstyle that really suits you can make a huge difference. So when you change your hair, there are many details which you must pay attention to. Your skin tone, eye color and face shape will decide what is the best hairstyle for you. Check out these tips below to sort out the one that fits you the most.

What is your skin tone?

Basically, there are 3 types of skin tone: cool, warm and neutral. Ladies with neutral undertone are very lucky. Every hair color suits them well. But for ladies with cool or warm undertone, it is another story.

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For a warm undertone, you should choose a warm color. Even though you can choose whatever color that you like, a warm shade of hair will be the best option for your honey skin. Cool hair colors can make warm skin tone look ashy.

For a cool undertone, ladies should go for cool hair colors. They emphasize the beauty of cool skin tone the most. With a warm hair color, the skin will look burnt and too vibrant. The best advice is to form a balance.

What is your eye color?

Your eye color can decide the color you should wear too. The rule is: The darker the eye color is, the darker should the hair shade be. However, the eye color shouldn’t be the main reason why you don’t experience a different style. So if you really want to try one that doesn’t fit your eye color, go for it!

What is your face shape?

Balance is the key to choose the right hair design for your face shape. If you have a soft face outline, avoid a hairstyle that has a round shape. If you have edgy face shape, avoid hair designs that look fierce and cool.

For example, ladies with round faces should avoid curly hair with thick bangs since the look makes their faces seem shorter and rounder. Ladies with square face shapes shouldn’t go for a square bob cut with bangs. This style frames the face structure and usually makes it more manly.  

How to take care of your new curly hair?

Curled hair has to go through chemical products and heat to maintain the shape. So it is inevitable the hair’s texture loses its shine and health. To keep hair from being too dry or too unhealthy, there are some ways for ladies to take care of the hair.

Make sure you moisturize the hair enough

Dryness is the first change to the hair that you will notice. There are many ways to moisturize the hair. You can make great use of hair oils, conditioners, hair masks, etc. This will help recover the health of the hair.

A beautiful hairstyle depends not only on the style, but also on the texture. So don’t ignore the health of your hair and focus only on styling it.

Less work with heat

You may find it more convenient to keep the curls’ shape using curlers. And most of the curlers use heat to seal the shape of the hair. However, this is very harmful to the hair. It dries a lot quicker and becomes more damaged. So avoid hot curlers at all costs.

Don’t tie the hair with rubber scrunchies

Rubber scrunchies are a big no when it comes to tying hair. When you want to take them off, these scrunchies will stretch the hair strands and pull some of them off. If you want to tie your hair, use scrunchies made of fabric. They pull less hair than rubber scrunchies and don’t stretch the hair.

Some other short curly hairstyles you can try

Final thoughts

Now that you know everything about beautiful short curly hair, choose the one that is suitable for you. Don’t forget to take care of the hair’s texture. Even though it is hard work, it guarantees that you have a well-taken-care-of appearance. No one likes looking at dead dry hair. Pamper yourselves and your new cute short hair!