Storing lemon

Why Storing Lemons Correctly Will Make Your House Flies-Free

Storing lemons must be easy right? Yes!!! It is very easy but not everyone knows how to do it right. Some think that throwing them in the fridge and it’s done. But that’s not true. Storing lemons correctly will give you more time to use them. These citrus fruits won’t go off as quickly as they normally do. In this article, you will get every information you need about storing lemons and the benefits of fresh lemons.

How to store lemons

There are 2 ways to store lemons depending on your consumption. If you use lemons frequently and you buy in a small amount, you don’t need to store them in the fridge. But if you buy a big bag of lemons to use for an entire month, it is advisable that you store it in the fridge.

Store in a fridge

If you store lemons in a fridge, you should prepare a plastic bag or a zip bag. Simply put all uncut lemons or lime inside, seal the bag tightly and leave it in the fridge.

The bag should be dry or it will leave an unpleasant smell. So make sure that you get a clean and dry bag.

Why do you need to use a plastic bag? Leaving lemons or limes inside the fridge prevents them from going bad, but they still age through time. Without a bag, lemons shrink, lose water and become bitter.

Store lemons in a fridge

If you have half a lemon, you can use plastic wrap to cover it and put them in the fridge as usual. For cut lemons, we suggest that you store them in a cold container. Leaving them outside is not an option. They will dry very quickly and become bitter.

What you should avoid when storing lemons in the fridge is the air fan. Leaving fruits like lemons or limes near the air fan will freeze the fruits since they contain mostly water or juice. This will make the fruits 100% inedible.

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Store outside at room temperature

We only recommend this method if you are about to use them soon. You have to prepare a plastic bag, zip bag or food wrap as well.

Simply wrap the unused or halves of lemons inside the plastic bag and leave them in a dry spot. You must avoid humid areas at all costs. This will keep the fruits healthy, clean and tasty.

How long can we keep lemons outside before they turn bad? At room temperature, it takes under 1 week for the lemons to dry out and become too bitter to consume and too dry to extract.

Store lemons in zip bag

In the fridge, lemons can last for a month. Therefore, we always recommend that you store your bag of lemons in the cold fridge.

Separate the juice

This method only works when you don’t need lemon skin. By extracting the juice, you can easily store it for months.

Don’t throw out the lemon skins because they have many benefits. You can use it to clean your hand after eating seafood. You can use them to make detox water or you can clear the smell of the fridge.

To store the juice, all you have to do is prepare a ceramic or crystal bowl and extract lemon juice in it. Use plastic wrap to cover the rim of the bowl or the cup.

Lemon juice

You can store the juice in the cool compartment if you are going to use it soon. If not, it is a wonderful idea to leave the juice in the freezer. The juice can last up to 4 months. But we advise that you consume the natural product before this time limit. That way you can make the most of the benefits of lemons.

Benefits of fresh lemons

There are so many benefits of consuming fresh lemons. That’s why storing lemons is a smart thing to do. Among many uses of fresh lemons or limes, these features stand out the most:

1. Beautiful skin

Vitamin C is famous for its benefit for the skin. Vitamin C makes skin look brighter, healthier and less pigmented. Many people suffer from pimples as well. Drinking fresh lemon water can reduce the condition.

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Each day, adults need to consume about 90mg of vitamin C. In one lemon, you can extract half the amount of vitamin C, about 40mg, that you need in one day. You may think that this is not enough and you have to consume 2 lemons per day for enough vitamin C.

But in fact, one lemon per day is enough for a healthy adult. Alongside lemons or limes, people get vitamin C from other sources as well. If the dish you make has tomatoes in it, you have more vitamin C. If you eat a banana in the morning, you get vitamin C as well.

Unconsciously, we consume vitamin C every day. But to make sure, you should take some more from lemons. The amount is just right.

2. Strong immune system

The vitamins in lemons help improve the immune system. Lemons provide natural antioxidants and antibacterial substances that our body needs to prevent serious heart diseases and also common diseases like flu or fever. With a strong immune system, our body has a higher chance of resisting coronavirus as well.

Benifit of lemons

To get the best of the lemon juice, we must keep the fruits fresh. Therefore, we recommend storing lemons to maintain the quality of the nutrients.

3. Better digestion

Vitamin C in lemons can detox or clean the gut, burn body fat and make the digestion function better. This feature aids weight loss for people who want to cut some extra fat. But overall, it helps the digestive system process the food better, converting the healthy components into energy for our body.

4. Help with pregnancy sickness

This is a very surprising function of lemons and limes but they can ease pregnancy sickness. For women who are carrying a baby, it is very important to take in more vitamins, not just for their own body but also for the baby.

Vitamins in lemons and limes include C, B1, B2, B6, B12, etc. And B12 is the main useful component for pregnant ladies. This vitamin helps with pregnancy sickness. Ladies will feel less bloated and they won’t feel like vomiting as frequently as before.

Also, babies need vitamins for healthy growth. Doctors and experts have pointed out that vitamins in lemons help with brain development. This ensures that the baby grows healthily and totally.

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Here are the most asked questions about storing lemons.

What are the benefits of fresh lemons?

After extracting the juice, you should keep the lemon skin. Why? Lemon skin emits a very pleasant aroma. You should leave the lemon halves inside the fridge to eliminate the smell of food. You can clear the smell of that fish dish you cooked or even the smell of fresh garlic.

Fresh lemons also are good for health. They contain many natural components that the human’s body needs. For pregnant women, fresh lemons help ease the sickness and the feeling of vomiting.

What happens if you leave lemons outside for too long?

If you leave lemons outside for too long, at first they will start to dry down. The juice disappears and instead, you have a bitter extract that you still can use to make detox water. But keep in mind that the taste is not good at all. Also, the nutrients in the lemons will become lesser and not as effective.

If the lemons are cut, they will attract unwanted guests like fruit flies, gnats, mosquitoes, flies, etc. It will be very annoying to live with them or to chase them away. Fruit flies have the tendency of consuming fruits and rotten vegetables. They will stain the surface of the lemons.

If you consume products that have been touched by these insects, there is a chance that you experience light symptoms like headache, stomachache, diarrhea, etc.
Lemon vs lime

Do lemons taste the same as lime?

No, they don’t taste the same. In fact, the taste of lemons and limes is very easy to recognize from each other. Limes have an acidic taste with a tinge of bitterness. Lemons also have an acidic taste but it is less bitter and a tad sweeter than limes.
Limes are perfect for making mojitos, lemons go better with sweet drinks. So if you want a sharp mojito, you should buy limes. If you want a sweet refreshment, make lemonade.

Final thoughts

As you can see, storing lemons is very easy and effective. The process helps maintain the nutrients in lemons like vitamin C, B1, calcium, etc.

Leaving lemons outside won’t be good for your house either, unless you store them in a container that doesn’t have any leak. If you leave them outside without one, fruit flies, gnats, mosquitoes or flies can lay eggs on the lemons.Protect yourself and your family’s health. Storing lemons or limes will guarantee an optimum taste and great health benefits.