Vitamins in lemon

4 Vitamins In Lemon That Can Prevent Heart Diseases

There are many types of different vitamins in lemon that you need in your body. They are so beneficial for health and beauty that we have to make this article to show you that. Many people prefer taking vitamin pills but this is not a good way to do it. You can always count on natural vitamin consumption through foods. Check out our tips and information about vitamins in lemon and how to use them to your advantage.

4 Crucial Vitamins In Lemon That You Should Take

There are 4 most important vitamins that you can get from lemons: Vitamin C, B1, B2 and B6. Each has many benefits for health and appearance. Not just in lemons, you can find these vitamins in other fruits as well. But what fruits?

1. Vitamin C

Vitamin C in lemon

Vitamin C’s main functions are:

Bring down high blood pressure

According to nutrient experts, vitamin C can relax blood vessels that pump blood throughout the body from the heart and back to the heart. It works for everybody, including those with normal blood pressure. Therefore, vitamin C consumption should be moderated for those with normal blood pressure.

Improve immune system

Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant and this substance is known for its ability of healing and improving the immune system. Thanks to this function, vitamin C can prevent people from catching a fever, flu or inflammation.

Brighten skin hyperpigmentation and acne spots

This is the biggest function of vitamin C when it comes to appearance. Consuming fruits with a high level of vitamin C has become an all-time trick for those with acne spots.

Vitamin C lightens these dark spots left behind because of acne and it proactively brightens your skin tone in a healthy way. Many people suffer from hyperpigmentation, which is a condition that makes skin look patchy and some parts are darker than the others.  

The unevenness of skin tone in the same area doesn’t affect anyone’s health. But visually, it makes people look more tired and dull.

There are 2 ways to brighten the complexion with vitamin C: consume it inside or apply it outside. Either way, vitamin C can truly help you get glowing skin.

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How much vitamin C do we get from a lemon? An average lemon contains about 40mg of vitamin C. On daily basis, an average adult is recommended to consume around 70 to 90mg. Vitamin C can be obtained through fruits but also juice, foods that we consume without knowing.

Despite being citrus, the amount of vitamin C that lemons have isn’t the highest. Oranges, strawberries, tomatoes are fruits with a high vitamin C component. If your body lacks vitamin C, you should consume these fruits more.

2. Vitamin B1

Vitamin B1 in lemon

Some most crucial functions of vitamin B1 are:

Great for vision

Vitamin B1 can improve one’s vision. If you find your vision blurrier, it can be a sign of vitamin B1 deficiency. Therefore, consuming more of this substance can improve your eyesight and prevent vision loss.

Good for heart

Vitamin B1 deficiency leads to many serious diseases, one of them is heart failure. A low level of Vitamin B1, or Thiamine, can cause the heart to beat slower than normal.

By consuming more vitamin B1, your body can maintain a stable heart rate. And with a stable heart rate, you won’t suffer from symptoms like dizziness, short breath, or stroke.

Boost hair grow

Vitamin B1 isn’t famous for hair growth but it can support the process more or less. If you want to boost hair growth significantly, you can check out vitamin B7 or B8, aka biotin. But if you want to combine the beauty functions with health functions of vitamins, B1 is a good choice.

Support nervous system

Vitamin B1 helps convert carbohydrates into energy for the body. It tackles the nervous system and brain function.  Carbohydrates can be found in rice, bread, sugar, cheese, etc.

So, vitamin B1 in lemons can support the nervous system as a neurotransmitter. It controls body movements, muscles and even body temperature. These aspects will remain stable and work smoothly thanks to vitamin B1.

Other than lemons, you can find vitamin B1 in ingredients like: cereals, pork, nuts, beef, orange, potato, asparagus, etc.

3. Vitamin B2

Most Vitamin B2’s functions are very similar to vitamin B1. It offers glowing skin, stronger nails and longer hair. It also gives people a better vision. The nervous system also functions better thanks to this type of vitamin. Your immune system is improved as well.

Vitamin B2 foods

The most outstanding feature of vitamin B2 is: produce more red blood cells.

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Blood cells carry oxygen in the body throughout every muscle. The lack of oxygen can reduce muscle mass, make muscles weaker. This is very unfavorable for people who play sports or compete professionally in sports games.

Also, more oxygen in the body means a lower possibility of fainting, feeling dizzy or having tinnitus. A clearer and healthier mind allows us to work and study more efficiently and effectively.

If your work performance is affected by one of these symptoms, it is time to charge your body with more vitamin B2.

And in what foods can we encounter vitamin B2? You can obtain more of this healthy component from dairy products like cheese, milk, yogurt, butter, etc. You can also get more vitamin B2 from eggs, pork, beef, salmon, etc.

Many also wonder what will happen when they consume too many vitamins in lemon. Most of the time, having too many vitamins in the system doesn’t cause serious conditions. However, you can experience light nausea or malfunction in the digestive system. But overall, the symptoms aren’t severe.  

4. Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6’s applications are very distinctive from other vitamins in lemon. They can:

Reduce the chance of seizure and heart diseases

How does vitamin B6 do it? This vitamin can reduce the amount of harmful homocysteine that causes heart disease or seizure. Normally, homocysteine is a healthy matter that helps resolute components in our body. But when it doesn’t resolute them correctly, the components become toxic for cardiac function.

In cardiac treatment against heart diseases, patients are always advised to take more vitamin B6 and B12. B6 helps stabilize heart conditions while B12 keeps blood cells and neurons healthy.

You can find vitamin B12 in foods like beef, chicken, eggs, dairy products, etc. Overall, you can find it in foods that contain vitamin B2 as well. 

Vitamin B6 in lemon

Calm pregnancy sick

Pregnant women have to follow a strict diet that ensures a full provision of nutrients. Vitamins are the most important. According to nutrient experts, vitamin B6 reduces the nauseous feeling and calms the vomiting.

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The recommended amount of vitamin B6 for pregnant women ranges from 30 to 60mg per day. But it should be taken separately in small doses. That way, the nausea is kept at bay throughout the day.

There hasn’t been any negative side to consuming vitamin B6 in pregnant women, according to studies. The baby isn’t affected either. In fact, vitamin B6 is beneficial for the development of their brain.

Boost your mood/ Improve your mental state

Vitamin B6 is used for mental health treatment as well. This kind of vitamin helps create neurotransmitters that regulate components like serotonin, dopamine and GABA.

Serotonin is a hormone that is triggered when people feel happy. When you receive a gift, listen to a good song, pass an exam with flying colors or sign a contract, serotonin is formed and you feel happy, light and satisfied.

Dopamine is the same as serotonin. When your body produces dopamine, you feel happier and more motivated. When you lack this component, focusing on work will become harder.

GABA or Axit gamma-aminobutyric is a component that controls the mental state of human beings. It involves anxiety, depression or a human’s mood in general.

Vitamin B6 exists in many types of food like banana, pork, chicken, carrots, cereals, etc. If you are carrying, it is smart to consume more vitamin B6. This period must be very tough, you can always use some support from healthy vitamins to elevate your mood and strength.

Your baby can benefit from vitamin B6 too. Experts claim that it is good for babies’ brain development and immune system. During pregnancy, consuming helpful substances can ensure the health of the mother and the baby even after giving birth.

Remember your daily dose of vitamins!

Vitamins are good for your health. This has been a well-known fact for centuries and people swear by this method. You can take vitamin pills if you want to do it in a convenient way. Manufacturers calculate the needed amount and ratio of vitamins in these pills so you don’t have to do it.But this method isn’t natural. We always direct towards natural ways of taking care of our health and pills aren’t always the answers. Instead, you can consume vitamins in lemon in a better way. You can make lemonade with little sugar, or you can simply drink lemon juice mixed with water so it is healthier.