What to do with a four-leaf clover

Everybody knows that 4-leaf clovers are the symbols of luck. So it is very exciting to encounter one. But what are the odds? Many people don’t know what to do when they find a 4-leaf clover. Many times, we confuse other plants with 4-leaf clovers. With this article, we will help you decide if the clover that you have found is an authentic one or not. And also, we will show you things you can do with it.

The meaning of 4-leaf clover

People know that these leaves bring luck according to some traditions and myths. But why 4-leaf? Firstly, it is difficult to find one. The chance for a person to encounter a 4-leaf clover is 1/5000 or 1/10000 in some regions. If you encounter a special clover in an area, there is a high chance that you can find another one. And vice versa, if you can’t find a special clover in a large area, the odds are even lower.

The 4-leaf symbol represents luck, faith, love and hope. The meaning is universal, fun and not too serious. A normal 3-leaf clover, on the other hand, bears a religious and formal meaning. Saint Patrick used the 3-leaf symbol to teach about the theory of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

What to do with a 4-leaf clover

There isn’t much you can do with a 4-leaf clover except preserve it. So we are going to show you some tricks to preserve the clover. Or you can say, preserving the lucky charm. After this, you can keep the luck to yourselves or to your loved ones.

Preserve the clover

The first way to preserve the clover is to press it. The leaf will eventually become dry while maintaining its beauty. This is the magic of pressing plants.

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All you need is some heavy books, tissues and elastic bands. If you don’t have strong elastic bands, use some kind of cords or strings that are thin.

Cover both sides of the clover with tissue so that it doesn’t dirt the book. Place the leaf with tissues in the middle of the book and fold it carefully. Make sure that the book covers the entire clover.

Now, use plastic bands or strings and tie them tightly around the book to press the pages together. The less space the better.

And finally, put the book in a dry spot in your house and stack heavy books or objects on top of it. Check after 2 weeks to see if the clover is still damp or it is dry already. If it’s dry, then you have succeeded. The clover will last forever in ideal condition.

Make a gift for someone else

Many cultures say that the best type of luck is the one that we can share with others. And people who gift away a lucky clover will receive even more luck. If you believe sharing is caring, then prepare a special gift with a 4-leaf clover.

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Preparing a gift is not like keeping it to yourself. A gift should look well-prepared. So pressing a leaf then giving it to your friend is not recommendable. To make a gift, you need to prepare a photo frame in a small size. The frame makes the meaning of the clover 10 times better. Your loved one will notice how you put effort into it.

How do you prepare the clover? There are many ways. You can repeat the method above. Pressing the clover then frame it. The final result will be very pretty.

Another way to prepare the clover is to “trap” it in a transparent film. However, the result of this method isn’t as beautiful as pressing. But if your time is out, using films is more convenient.

You can use a laminator to press the clover between plastic films. Or, you can use transparent tape and cover the leaf in a rectangle shape. These tricks require much attention, especially the one with the tape. If you aren’t careful enough, you can tear the clover apart.

Fun facts about lucky clover

No plants produce 4-leaf clover naturally: 4-leaf clovers are a form of mutation that only nature can perform.

There are fake 4-leaf clovers: Many people think as long as the clover has 4-leafs, it is a lucky charm. But that is not true. There is only one type of plant that produces authentic 4-leaf clover. Its scientific name is trifolium repens. If you find a 4-leaf clover with a ring of color in the middle, it is not the “authentic” lucky charm. But if it has a white line that runs through every leaf, then it is 100% real.

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The size of the leaves is the same: A lucky clover has 4 leaves of the same size. Each leaf represents a form of happiness. Faith, love, hope and luck. We believe that the 4th leaf represents luck. So a 4-leaf clover must have all compositions balanced.

Shamrock is the official name for 3-leaf clover: Many people have a hard time researching the difference between a shamrock and a 4-leaf clover. We find the term controversial and there is no visual comparison between the two. But as far as we know, shamrock refers to the normal clovers that don’t have mutation genes.

The odds of encountering a 5-leaf cover is 1:1 million: It is extremely rare to encounter a 5-leaf clover. Each leaf has its own meaning. Alongside the meanings that a 4-leaf has, a 5-leaf clover also represents wealth. So a person who encounters such a rare kind will draw hope, love, faith, luck and wealth to himself. Test your luck, you may even find one with 6 leaves.

Final thoughts

Now you know what to do with your new-found 4-leaf clover. You can save it and preserve a good memory for yourselves, or you can give it away and spread positivity. Either way, lucky clovers leave an impact on our spiritual life. Hopefully, you have found some facts about clovers interesting. Good luck in preserving it!